Thursday, August 22, 2013

Destin 2013...

I just glanced at my blog yesterday and realized it had been a  while since I've posted.  Guess we've been busy!   I'm excited for fall.  There are some things that I want to do with the girls, specifically with Amelia that I hope work out.  She's at such a fun age.  I don't really have much to blog about.  I have some vacation pictures that I'll post here and there.  Might take me a bit.

Sydney Faith had a great week. She fought bedtime the first night but then we gave her a giant air mattress to sleep on and a box fan to make some noise - girl slept so well.  


Our annual beach vacation with my family = THE BEST TIME.  I have to admit, this is the first year that I've ever wanted to stay longer.  I kept asking Alex, "are you sure you don't want to stay one more week?"  I think we're going to try to do just that next year.  The girls LOVED the beach and ocean.  They were fearless and would get out there with their Daddy and just let the waves go over their heads.  Amelia asked us every night, "how many more days do we have here?"  She didn't want to leave either.  She actually stood on the patio, waving bye to the ocean while crying.  It was sad times.  Except when Sydney turned around and started waving bye to us with a big grin on her face.  Like she was staying.  That was funny times.

We would ask Amelia "what was your favorite thing about today?" while tucking her in at night.  Her answers were always so sweet and honest.  One night she said, "just getting to play with Kandace all day."  Kandace is her cousin and let me tell ya, Amelia LOVES HER COUSINS.  All 25 of them.  Or is it 26?  I lose count.         

One night, her favorite part of the day was that her Daddy didn't have to go to work and that he taught her how to go under water without holding her nose.  When we're home, she asks me every single day "what day is it?"  Because she lives for Saturday and Sunday.  Those are the days her Daddy is off work (sorta) and we get to go to church.  I love her sweet heart.

We've been thinking/planning fundraisers for the Cabecar Church Ministry in Costa Rica.  We just consider them to be our family and we're raising funds to help their churches, the members, and the pastors of those churches in several ways.  We've talked and prayed about it with our girls so much that Amelia has come up with two fundraisers on her own.  She actually added a third to the list yesterday.  She is full of ideas, let me tell ya. :)

Her first fundraiser is a lemonade stand outside of Sam's this weekend.  We're pretty excited!  She asked me if I thought she could sell at least 6 cups of lemonade and I said, "I think you could probably sell more than that." She answered with "so do you think I could sell 100 cups of lemonade??"  So that's our goal. :) 


I love that she loves so freely.  I love that everyone is her best friend, even those she has never met.  I love that she has a huge heart and wants to help.  I love that she's already thinking of someone other than herself and she's only three years old.  She talks about one of the pastors there, Pastor Eli, every single day.  She can't wait to meet Pastor Eli.  She's always sharing jokes that she's going to tell Pastor Eli to make him laugh.  She wants to take Pastor Eli a cupcake to Costa Rica.  So we're looking to take her on our next trip if it works out! 

Sisters on the beach. 

Sydney loved the sand.  She consumed a large amount 
and I just did my best not to worry about that.

We had to pay Sydney in cashews while the pictures were being taken, 
but who doesn't like a big, baby smile full of cashews?  

Me and my girls.

Me and my sweet man. 
Love him so much.

It was the best vacation we've had in awhile.
Lots of memories made with our sweet girls. 
More pics to come.

Love to all,

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Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

so thankful for such a wonderful family time:) two weeks sound grand!