Saturday, August 31, 2013

Our life lately...

We've had a busy few days! 

I started reading this book with Alex. 
If you're married or thinking about getting married or know someone who is married -
go ahead and pick up a copy. 
Lots of wisdom and truth in this book. 

I'm also reading this book with a friend of mine. 
Enjoying it so far. 
She definitely had a camera inside my soul when she wrote this.
And I'm only on chapter two.

We had the Free Saeed video/photo shoot on Thursday evening.
It will be used to promote the prayer vigil at our State Capitol. 
I'm blessed to have friends like Jordan and Danielle to help me with this project. 
They have such giving hearts and are so talented.  

If you want to learn more about Pastor Saeed Abedini - go here to read more.
Last time I checked, there were over 40 states represented that will be hosting a prayer vigil on September 26th, the one year anniversary of Saeed's imprisonment in Iran. 

I encourage you to take a look at the list and see if there's a location near you.
If you can't go to a prayer vigil - 
please commit to pray on that day for Saeed and his family, 
as well as all persecuted Christians around the world. 

Saeed is a husband and father of two. They haven't seen him in almost a year.
They know he's in a terrible prison, being tortured, and is in poor health.

Can you imagine that being your husband, father, son, brother, uncle? 

I felt a tug on my heart when I heard about Saeed several months ago. 
And then I felt a tug on my heart to coordinate a prayer vigil for my State Capitol.

His wife, Naghmeh is an inspiration to so many.
She's doing all she can to help bring her husband home to Idaho.
I just think if that were my husband - I would need help/support/prayer from everyone around me.
She needs our governments help, as well as the church.  
Let's be the church to Naghmeh and her children.
Find a prayer vigil near you!

Danielle had asked me if we'd like to take a tour at her work sometime
and since we were already downtown, it was the perfect opportunity!
It was fun getting to see where she works and what she does every day.

The sweet, Donna Terrell was in the studio and let us jump in for a picture. 

Alex took a quick trip to Oklahoma and Dallas - he has traveled so much this week.
He's exhausted and on the verge of getting sick.  
We're praying it's not strep and just sinus stuff. 
He's the most committed person I know - works so hard. 
Pray he wakes up tomorrow feeling better. 
He'll be preaching tomorrow and needs a healing touch!

We had his car while he was out of town. 
Amelia loves riding in his car.

Sydney, not so much. 
She can't stand the sun in her eyes.
I think we'll get Daddy's windows tinted soon. :)

Today was Game Day!
First game of the season for our Hogs. 

Amelia was calling the Hogs in this picture and Sydney had no clue what was happening.
She might have been a little frightened. 

Me and my sweetie. 
Amelia took this picture.  She did a pretty good job. :)

Sydney still confused after her outfit change. 
We all wore our Milk & Honey t-shirts and they are so comfy!

Me and my baby at Big Orange. 
I have to brag on Sydney because eating out with her can be a struggle sometimes. 
Today was DELIGHTFUL. 
We just bragged on her and she would nod her head like, "yeah, I'm awesome."

Alex and his Amelia.

I had one of the best salads ever. 
So good, I took a picture. 
It was the pecan, currant, chicken salad with strawberries on a bed of lettuce. 
Oh my word. 

And we ended our meal by splitting a piece of lemon icebox pie. 
I took three bites. 
And then made myself stop. 

Sydney LOVED it.
She couldn't open her mouth any wider at this moment.

We ended the day by running through the sprinklers 
while Daddy grilled our buffalo rib-eye.

Yeah, you read that right. 
I was at Whole Foods yesterday and bought buffalo rib-eye. 

On purpose.

Alex couldn't believe it when I told him 
because I'm not one to eat odd things like buffalo.

Or shrimp.

Or lobster. 

Or frog legs.

What kind of crazy people eat stuff like that?? ;)

But they looked really good and the girl said you couldn't tell a difference - 
they were just a leaner red meat.
And she was right - it was good!

We're looking forward to a long weekend on the lake after church tomorrow. 
We'll be celebrating my SIL's 30th birthday and so many of my family members will be there!  I'm excited to see my parents/siblings/nephews/nieces/uncle/aunt!

Love to all,


Immeasurably More Mama said...

I'm no Hog fan but I love your game day shirts. :) Have fun at the lake!

Lauren & Eddie said...

I agree! I want a Hog shirt and I'm a Georgia Bulldawg!