Sunday, December 22, 2013

Averitt Christmas 2013...

We celebrated with the Averitt side of the family on December 22nd.  As always, it was loud and great fun!

Amelia with her cousins, Peyton and Mika.

Alex with his siblings.

Anna and Olivia

Family photo time.  Take One.

Take Two

Take Three and DONE. :)

Caroling with cousins.

Taking it all in.

Alexandria and Victoria.

Alicia and Jen.

Daddygrand and Nana with all the Grands!

Nana's gift from the grandbabies.

Daddygrand's new kindle from the kiddos.

Christmas chaos. :)

This year was so fun because Sydney could actually open her own gifts and had that look of happy surprise with each one.  It was precious!  

She loves baby dolls.

Amelia opening her gifts.

Barbies from her cousin!

Pretty Alexandria.

The boys and their toys.

We went to see Frozen and loved it.  Amelia received the Anna doll and a Frozen dress-up set.

She has played dress-up in these every day!

My baby with her baby doll.

Alexandria and Amelia.  Love this picture.

All of the grandbabies in their Christmas pajamas.  We framed these and gave them to Nana.  Sydney's face in the pictures is priceless.  It was late and she wanted no part of it.  When she's 18, she'll love this picture.  

Love to all,

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Faith said...

I can tell the girls had so much fun. Love it!

Love all the babies in the matching pj's. Too cute!!