Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's almost Christmas!

This was the scene at our home - FIVE DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  Our nephew Pryce is an angel.  Amelia wanted rainbow lights on the house for Christmas and he helped me put them up in the rain!  He had the most dangerous part of being on the slippery roof. 

It's amazing what we'll do for our kiddos…especially at Christmas. :)

I made some Christmas candies for Alex's work.  I made around 300 peanut butter balls this year. That's a record.  I only make them at Christmas time so they're a special treat!

Another tradition (started by my Mama when I was little).  Candy cane cookies!


We make these on Christmas Eve.  They're an almond flavored cookie and are so yummy!

Amelia could actually roll out the dough and make a candy cane shape this year.  Sydney helped by eating the cookie dough. 

All ready for the oven! 

Aren't they cute!?

Playing TENZI with Daddy and Papa

Sydney rolling the dice. HA!

We always deliver gifts to our neighbors on Christmas Eve.  One of our favorite things!

We're blessed with wonderful neighbors.  A new family is moving in across the street in January.  They have two little ones around the same ages of our girls.  We're excited to meet them!

Daddy made reindeer necklaces with the girls.

Amelia loves a good craft.

We went to see "It's A Wonderful Life" in theatre on Christmas Eve.

This is my Daddy's favorite Christmas movie.

Sydney didn't make it through the entire movie.

And Amelia was tired and getting antsy.

So we went to the lobby and took Photo Booth pictures.

And then we came home and started getting ready for our Christmas Eve service at church.

We finished our nativity advent book.

There was a lot of excitement in adding baby Jesus to the nativity!

We have a Christmas Eve service every year.  It starts at 11:30 p.m. and ends at midnight.  The kiddos come in their pajamas which is nice because we put Sydney to bed and just wake her up right before we leave for church.  Amelia opened the service this year by reading the Christmas story.

She told me she was nervous right before the service started.  She did a great job.  I've watched the video so many times and just love hearing her voice telling the story of Jesus' birth.  Precious.

We arrived home around 1:00 a.m. and the girls exchanged gifts from each other.  They love to vacuum so these were a hit.  And they really work - so now they can clean up their own cracker crumbs on the carpet. HA!

Love to all,


Immeasurably More Mama said...

I love hearing Amelia's sweet voice. Those vacuums will be gifts that keep on giving...for them and you! :)

Faith said...

I can't wait to bake and do crafts like this with my girls!

The video of Amelia saying the Christmas story is too precious for words. Love her heart!