Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gift of Joy...

I stayed up late last night - waiting for the washer to finish so I could hang up pink leotards, tutus, and tights.  I was exhausted.  But with each one I pulled out of the wash and hung on to a tiny hanger, I felt joy.  I felt thankful.  Thankful to have a little girl who takes ballet and loves the color pink.  Thankful God gave me two daughters to love and take care of and teach.   They bring me true joy.  

Amelia's dance class opened for New Creation Professional Dance Company and Petra Dance Company at their "Gift of Joy" performance.

This is the first time she has ever expressed being nervous.

She said she was nervous about performing on a "big stage."

Bless her heart.  I know to her anything off the floor looks like a big stage. 

But she did great! 

She made me tear up.  

This was her with Ms. Sarah Jo - one of her teachers that she LOVES. 

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Sandi came out to support our girl. 

Love them so much.

We always get a picture with our teachers after every dance performance.  
She talks about Ms. Sarah Jo and Mrs. Kayla like they're her best friends. 
These are two girls that I would be just fine if she looked to them as role models. 
They're two of the sweetest girls and they love Jesus. 
They teach my little girl about Jesus through dance and for that I am thankful.

The show was lovely.  

Both companies did a beautiful job!

Here's a short video of Amelia's class from tonight.
Amelia is at the far right end - closest to the camera.

Love to all,

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