Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sydney Faith!!

At 4:59 P.M., you turn two years old.  I can't look at this picture of you taking your very first breath, without crying.  

I remember when they placed your tiny, 6 lb - 8 oz body on top of me for the very first time.  

And my heart grew.  

Just like that.

And I loved you with my whole heart. 

Just like that.   

I felt at ease from day one.  Thanks to your older sister, I already had the Mama thing down.  

And then you showed me, very quickly, that no two babies are exactly alike.  That you had a personality all your own.  

There are days I wonder if God really knew what He was me such a strong willed baby girl.  You will put up a fight over just about anything.  And some days, I feel like it's my will that's being broken vs yours.  You're going to be a strong leader.  I just know it.  You're going to take that strong will of yours and fight for things worth fighting for.  

Words can't express how I feel about you.  How proud I am to be your Mama.  You are so smart and so kind and so bossy and so strong and so funny and so stubborn and so fearless and so beautiful.  

And I love you.  Don't ever forget that.  

Mama loves everything about you.  

I trust God to take that strong will of yours and use it for whatever His will is for your life.  

Just do what He says, baby girl.  

Just say, YES.

He won't ever let you down.  

He knows best.  

And when you fall, He will be there to pick you up.  

And Mama will be there too.  

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sydney Faith!!  

Today we celebrate YOU!

I love you,


Lauren and Eddie said...

Happy Birthday, Sydney!

Faith said...

This made me cry! Love you, sweet Sydney Faith, and I'm so thankful for your precious life!