Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Life Lately: The Longest Post In History

I haven't blogged in awhile.  We've been busy living life.

Celebrating life.

Miss Sydney Faith turned two and we've been celebrating every chance we can get.  Her party had to be two weeks late - this weekend!

So we've celebrated over lunch with Daddy.

Over apples in the car.

Over breakfast on her actual birthday. 

I made sweet milk waffles and banana slushes and her Papa made scrambled eggs and bacon.  Amelia gave her a couple of gifts that she just knew her sister would love.  

Flintstone vitamins and a Minnie Mouse toy.

She was right.  She loved 'em.

We ordered take-out for dinner on her birthday.  

Texas Roadhouse.  She chose mac-n-cheese. 

We had cake and ice cream and she loved every second of it.  She ate and ate and ate some more.

Daddygrand and Nana took the girls to see The Lego Movie and to Chuck-E-Cheese on that following Saturday.  They talked non-stop when they arrived home.  They had a blast! 

We went to the new Sonic playground the following week.  Nana surprised us by showing up and playing with us for a little while.  Best Nana ever. 

We had our 2nd JC Ladies Group dinner.  I made tomato pie.  One of my faves.  I'm grateful to have this group of women to share life with.  

We went out for lunch with church family and the restaurant sang to Sydney for her birthday. 

She was less than impressed. Seriously.  Girl gave them the stare down.

This was her Sunday morning picture.

She refused to be in the picture with anyone else.  #ohthedrama

We took the girls to eat at All Aboard.  

I'm seeing a trend here.  

We love to eat.

Sydney was mesmerized with the trains.  The trains bring the food directly to your table.  It's a really neat restaurant for kiddos. 

Birthday girl even received some cards/packages in the mail.  This was her birthday gift from Uncle Drew and Aunt E.  A new baby doll.  She loved it.  That's the theme to her party this year.  Baby dolls.  Having her party two weeks late seems weird.  It really is like we're celebrating all month long!

Amelia stuck play-doh up her nostrils last week.  She just has to keep me on my toes while Daddy is out of town.  Thankfully, the nasal spray worked and she won't have to be put under for surgery to remove play-doh from her nasal cavity.  This is one of those stories that I will love to remind her of when she's older.  

She also had her first hearing test while at the ENT.  All in all, she has perfect hearing.  There was only one thing that was off but he believes she'll outgrow it.  

Nice to know she has just been ignoring us and there's not a real hearing problem. 

We've been going to dance class.  It's time for new tap shoes.  She's already complaining about them hurting her feet.  Kids feet grow so fast!

We've had some quiet mornings like this.  

And this.  And I love it so much.  

We went to the movies with Chris/Krystal/Kandace over the weekend.  Saw the cutest movie!

Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  

We'll be buying this one when it comes out.  So funny!

The family date night.

Roo-Roo came over to babysit for us. 

We've been trying to have a date night every week.  Alex took me to Arthur's over the weekend.  I didn't eat lunch so I was fully prepared to get my eat on.  And it was well worth it.  Everything was fabulous. 

I love date nights.  I love to go out with my husband.  I love to dress up and curl my hair.  Makes me feel like his girlfriend and not just the mom of his kids. :)

I went jean shopping for the first time in five years.  The sweet girl pulled over 20 pairs of jeans and was so patient with me.  She let me hang out in the store and continue shopping even after they closed the store.  I was so grateful because I usually end jean shopping in tears.  

No lie. 

This is random but I cleaned out my bag over the weekend.  I love to see pictures of what's in someone's handbag.  I should be totally embarrassed.  That top pile is just expired receipts and coupons.  No clue why I had them stuffed in my bag.  My bag is 10 pounds lighter since I purged.

Randomness in my bag:
2 granola bars
2 packs of kleenex
1 debit card
1 checkbook
4 gift cards
1 pair of children's sunglasses
1 child's bracelet
1 child's spoon
1 tiny lysol can
6 church pens (I have a problem)
1 hand sanitizer
1 pack of m&m's
1 button
.60 in change
4 Starbucks lid spill-stoppers
2 packs of gum
1 dum-dum
1 church bulletin
Numerous Target coupons

I've been folding laundry.  I had a mound of clothes to get through on Thursday.  And I did it!  And yet there's still laundry to do.

I did a little Spring decorating.

Alex was out of town.  And leaves again tomorrow.  This little lady always talks me into letting her sleep in my bed.  

I always regret that decision. :)  She keeps me up until midnight talking!

She has started wearing sunglasses in the bathroom while brushing her teeth.  Says the light coming through the window is too bright for her upon waking up.  #dramafordaysitellya

 I've started letting the girls go outside and play on the warmer days.  They spent over an hour just digging in the container gardens.  Pretending they were planting a garden.  This is the kind of play we had at my house growing up.  Makes me happy to see them using their imaginations.

Papa is good to play with his girls.  On this day, they were playing with sticker books.

This little one is showing much interest in learning Spanish.  We've been purchasing different apps to help her.  She woke up this morning and immediately asked to play the Rosetta Stone App for Kids.  That's one I'll say yes to.

It was St. Patty's Day today.  So I gave the girls some green milk. 

They didn't seem to mind at all that it was green. 

Amelia had two cups. HA!

This is our lunchtime reading.  Sydney could care less.  Amelia loves it.  

And while Daddy is out of town this week, Mama will be preparing for Sydney's party.  We've invited both sides of our family for this one.  Should be fun!  And loud.  But mostly fun!

Love to all,


Lauren and Eddie said...

Happy Birthday to Sydney! You look fabulous. Hope you had luck finding jeans! I love date nights as well and need to make them a priority. Your girls are so blessed to have such SWEET grandparents. Putting Mr. Peabody and Sherman on my movie list for James. I'm starting Anne of Green Gables on my own soon. I have NEVER read it!

yetunde said...

Hi Jill; your family looks so beautiful!! I can never forget your kindness to me. It's great to click on your blog and see reasons to smile.

Faith said...

Such fun y'all have been up to! Sydney's facial expressions kill me...reminds me of another little girl I know ;-)

I laughed when I saw the green milk...I made the girls green eggs on St. Patty's day and Kinley would NOT eat them. She cried. Ha!! Silly kids!