Sunday, March 2, 2014

Life Lately...

Just a few pictures from the last few days...

Me and my mini-me. 

Dance day!


Breakfast for dinner.  Sydney made the pancakes. 

Granny made the eggs and bacon.  It was yummy!

Peyton's 7th Birthday Party!  

Amelia spent all of her Peyton $ at The Sweet Shoppe.

Sydney loved the cupcakes and ice cream.

I love this picture of Amelia with her little hands folded.  Taking it all in.

Victoria babysat on Saturday evening.  We love our Roo-Roo!  She is so good with the girls.  They think she's hilarious. 

We stopped by a housewarming party for some friends and then headed to dinner.  

First time to eat at Packet House.   It was AMAZING.  

Me and my sweetie.  

Amelia played so hard on Saturday.  ALL.DAY.LONG.  She didn't even make it through chapter seven of our book.  She was exhausted.  

Sunday morning pictures.  Sydney gave me dirty looks during picture time. 

She wanted applesauce. 

Practicing walking a "tightrope."  She said she wants to be in the real circus when she grows up. 

There is lots of ice falling from the sky.  I'm hoping that means Daddy gets to stay home with us tomorrow! :)

Love to all,

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