Saturday, September 20, 2014

Two Little Pirates...

It was a fun Friday night with the girls! 

I bought these tickets months ago and saved them for a surprise. 

They both wanted to dress like a pirate instead of a princess. 

And luckily, we had two pirate costumes in the dress-up closet!

I have no idea what Sydney is doing with her leg. 

I said, "let me take your picture" and she grabbed her leg and held it like this.

New pose, I guess.

This was the response to Doc McStuffins coming out to sing!

Sydney loved Sophia the First and Mickey Mouse more than anything.

And when Sophia's necklace lit up, theirs lit up as well. They thought that was pretty cool. 

Amelia loved Jake and The Neverland Pirates.

Peter Pan even made an appearance!

 Me and my baby.

Me and my big girl.

Things like this always keep her attention.

She also loved the blue cotton candy.

Amelia in her Jake hat.

 Happy girls.

This picture cracks me up.

Alex and I pretty much sit back and watch their reactions to everything when we go to things like this.

It's fun watching your kiddos have fun.

Love to all,

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Faith said...

These pictures are cracking me up!! What a fun surprise for them. I agree, it really is the best to watch your kids have so much fun! Love you all!!