Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Life Lately...

This is a picture of Sydney pointing out a gray hair. 

That more than likely, she gave me through her strong-willed ways. 

We cleaned out our garage and attic. By we, I mean Alex and Pryce.

And a lot more of the big stuff on the right will be out of there soon. It feels so good to get rid of stuff. I'm not bringing anything else into my home, unless it's needed and we have a place for it.

Sunday morning pictures. 

Love my babies.

The weather was amazing on Sunday evening. 

Alex grilled dinner and I sat and watched.

The girls jumped on the trampoline and ran around like crazies until dinnertime. 

I've been introducing them to movies that I loved as a little girl. 

Like Parent Trap and Pollyanna. 

True Disney Classics. 

Amelia started back to ballet. 

Her cousins are taking ballet too...she was just a little excited about that.

She got to sit in their car while waiting on Mama to pick her up. Thanks, Aunt Jen!

We headed over to Ray's for dinner and ended the day with bubble gum gelato. 

That stuff really tastes like a stick of bubble gum too! 

Quite tasty. 

My girls love to play dress-up or to dress themselves. 

I love to see what they put together. 

Amelia loves to wear things on her head. 

We had CBS today.

Not sure why we're standing in the flower bed for pictures.

Sydney and her little backpack make me smile.

She had a great day today. She walked right in and didn't even look back to say "bye."

Sydney is starting to say the cutest things. 

I use instaquote to record what they say.

One day, I'll make a little book of their funnies to keep.

Rumor has it, Fall weather is on it's way. 

Can't wait!

Love to all,

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elainaann said...

LOVE Parent Trap. It makes me angry when I see it in the TV guide and it isn't the original. Ha!

Love Syd's quote about Amelia sneezing.:)