Monday, February 16, 2015

the family that plays together...

We had a snow day today. 

Or ice, actually. 

The girls have been waiting on a day like today, since Christmas morning.

Alex worked from home today and promised the girls some time outside. 

Sydney still has a yucky cough, but we couldn't tell her no. She would have been heartbroken.

So when Daddy's lunch break came - outside they went!

Don't let these smiles fool you. 

There was a fight. 

And tears.

And complaining.

Girls...oh the drama.

They couldn't understand why they needed 23 layers of clothing. 

It was because it was 23 degrees outside!

Once outside on the sled, they forgot all about their multiple layers.

We have a few, little hills that make sledding fun!

"And though she be but little, she is fierce."

 Me and my guy.

 This one would have stayed out there all day!

This one, not so much.

Once she got ice in her shirt, she was over it.

Daddy got the bright idea that we would all get on the sled and take off.

We took off, but we didn't get too far. HA!

Me and my girls.

And this is now the scene in my kitchen.

A pile of wet clothes = proof of a fun time!

Even though I dislike the cold, I can't be that mom that stays in the house while Dad plays with the kids. 

They love when we all play together and that makes me a happy mama!

Love to all,

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Faith said...

We have just the ice around here snow. 👎 You are definitely a fun mom! Love these sweet pictures.