Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

We've been fighting away the "sickies" this week. 

We ended up canceling our annual Valentine party because Amelia wasn't feeling well. 

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Sandi dropped off some treats that put smiles on their faces. 

Amelia was doing better until early this morning. 

She woke up crying from ear pain and it wasn't letting up. 

I wouldn't usually take her to the ER for an ear ache, but it was going to be a LONG night if we didn't get some relief soon. 

So off to the hospital we go at 2 A.M.

She had an ear infection. They gave us some pain meds and started an antibiotic. 

She slept until almost 11 A.M.

I'm so thankful she was able to sleep and I'm amazed at how much better she feels already!

Once everyone was awake, the girls opened their little Valentine envelopes.

They received a few fun things...a little lego set, movie, sunglasses, bubblegum, and a pack of freshly sharpened hot pink pencils. :)

We all opened our cards from Daddy.

My favorite thing.

Their cards came with bracelets. 

They gave Daddy his cards.

His favorite thing.

It's unseasonably warm today.

Today's high is 70 degrees and tomorrow's high will be 39.

Crazy Arkansas weather.

I know it will be crazy crowded, but we have dinner reservations for tonight.

I told Alex that we could watch a movie in our car while eating Wendy's, for all I care. It will just be nice to have some time with my guy.

I hope you know you're loved, today and every day.

Love to all,

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