Thursday, August 20, 2009

an alex & jill production...

I received a couple of things in the mail today and wanted to show you how cute they are...I just LOVE them! I was holding out to see if I won Natalie's baby shower giveaway before ordering the things that I really liked. I didn't win, but my S-I-L did! I was happy that someone I knew won such an awesome giveaway! There were things that I loved and had already decided that I wanted little miss A to have and today I received one in the mail! The onesie on the left is one of the things that I ordered. It says, "an alex & jill production" and below that it reads "1st edition." How cute is that!? I also received a couple of gifts from friends. One from my friend, Jules. She gave me the hot pink photo album with A's initials on it. I've already started printing off some of my belly shots to put inside. Thank you,'re the best! :) And the cute little t-shirt on the right is from my blog friend, Elaine. I started crying when I read the shirt. That passage of scripture is engraved on my heart for eternity. If I read it once, I read it a thousand times over the past 3 years, and it brought me such hope! Thank you, Elaine...I LOVE IT!

I had to share pics of my friend, Holly's kiddos. They are so cute. Holly had me and her sis, Rachel, over for lunch this week. They are two of my favorite people. One minute we were laughing, the next minute we were crying. I need to apologize to Holly...for using most of our lunch as a Q&A time about everything motherhood! HA! She has a sweet little boy and twin they are. These baby girls were so precious!!

And this is their big brother...he was cracking me up!

I wish I had thought to take pics of Rachel and Holly! Oh time. :) Thanks for a wonderful meal, Holly. You can cook for this pregnant girl anytime!



Elaine said...

You are so welcome :) Little Ms. A is going to be such a testimony to the world.

Mel said...

Cute stuff!!! =) Sweet baby stuff is just awesome. You are going to have SO MUCH fun.

Shannon said...

Those onesies and photo album are so cute! Loved all the baby shower ideas too.

Mom of 3! said...

I so chose the Mitetee for our new baby. I'm just waiting to find out what the baby is so I know what color to order. I'm also trying to talk J into ordering big girl shirts for the girls - 1st and 2nd edition!!!

I have some baby ideas I want to run past you at lunch... :)