Sunday, August 30, 2009

My first baby shower...

My first baby shower was last night. I have to say, it was everything and MORE than I thought it would be. I laughed, cried (happy tears of course), ate until I was stuffed, laughed some more, and I loved every minute of it. I have to warn you, this post is full of pictures (and this isn't even all of them!) but I just had to share some pictures from the evening.

I arrived to find this cute wreath on the door. My friend, Jules, made it for me to hang at the hospital and on our front door when A arrives! :)

We started eating soon after arrival. This was the food table. ALL HOMEMADE by my friend, Jules. The shower was at 6pm and she had a wonderful spread of food...all delicious!!

Mommy making her plate! :)

My M-I-L :)

This is me and my sis, Joy. We were eating and discussing how we could steal some of these recipes for our catering business. HA!

This is me & my friend, Jules. She was the fabulous hostess! Thank you for everything Jules.... I love you!!

Me, my sis, & my Momma

Me & Sara

Me & Holly

Me & my M-I-L

We had to get a pic of all the preggers! Becca & Andrea are both due with boys in October...Me & Sara are due with girls in November! :)

Holly, Molly & little Q

Katelyn, Paula & Anne

Becca, Jules, Dianne, & Lynette

Time to open gifts!!

Me & Joy

My sis, Joy, bought A this cute outfit. It looked like something I would wear, but teeny-tiny! (LOL) Loved it!!

My friend, Linda, made A this was so tiny! So stinkin' cute!

And she also made her this one for when she gets a little older. A tutu for every stage in your life is a MUST! :)

My M-I-L bought A the cutest stuff. I didn't picture it all here, but here are a couple of items. These sweet little black shoes with pink ribbon ties. She bought A a pink tutu and these will look so cute with it!!

She also bought her this little swimsuit. A is going to look precious on the beach next summer!

Her Uncle Cary & Aunt Sara bought her this little surfboard tummy time mat!

These are my friends, Tori & Aamie...

They gave me this wonderful cookbook that A and I can cook out of together...

And of couse, we couldn't cook out of our special cookbook without matching monogrammed aprons!! I loved this gift. Mine says Mommy and A's has her name (which I had to cover up in this pic) :)

This next gift was one of the most special and emotional for me to open. As you can see, I was saying, awwwwwww...

That was before I started reading the card and broke down crying...

Dr. Lew & Sue bought this for A. The cake server has AJA (A's initials) engraved on it and the knife has "Love, Dr. Lew & Sue"

The card read....

My Birthday Knife

Here’s a gift for your birthday,
a gift you will use
in a very special way.

This knife shall be a tradition
you use every year,
for cutting your birthday cake
until your wedding day is here.

Many memories will be made
for you from now until then;
and with your groom
let new ones begin.

This heirloom will share
through all the years of joy,
a gift it will become
to your little girl or boy.

Seriously, how special is that? This is something that A will always treasure. I definitely want to carry on this new tradition with all of my babies. :)

I left this shower feeling so blessed and loved by my family and friends. It was all so be sitting there opening presents for my baby girl. Thank you for making my 1st baby shower so special. I'm keeping every card, every picture, everything. I want A to know just how many people prayed for her, wanted her, & loved her, before she even arrived.

I love you all dearly,


becca said...

I win! My belly is the biggest (and lowest, hello #5)! ha I can't believe Sarah is due in November... she's NOT big.
And what is up with my face in the other one?
Glad I was able to make it. The food definitely was wonderful, I only wish I had had room for seconds! Though my first round was a lot :)

bb and mtb said...

Awesome!! So glad you had the chance to really sit back and enjoy your first baby shower!

Heather said...

Jill- I could just sob with happiness for you. I love how you are GLOWING in each picture! And not just a pregnancy glow--a "Jesus" glow....knowing that God has blessed you with this sweet baby girl! I love your sweet smile!
Thanks be to God for all His indescribable gifts!
OH- and that knife is SO COOL!

The Patterson's said...

I love the cake server!! What a neat tradition to start! Glad you had an awesome shower!

G & H said...

what a beautiful special day!!!!!

Shannon said...

What a fun shower!! The food looked delicious! :) I loved your dress too. Those aprons are so cute and that cake serving set is absolutely precious! I have never heard of that but I love it. Yea for your first shower!

Cheryl said...

This whole post just bring tears to my eyes, happy tears of course! I loved all the pictures, how fun! The cake server is the sweetest baby gift I have ever seen! Glad you had a wonderful time at your 1st baby shower!

twondra said...

Looks like such a great time! Lots of food and gifts! Love the wreath on the door. :)

Joy said...

Yay! So wonderful and you're right- that last gift made me tear up.

Momx6 said...

It was wonderful!

Wishing 4 One said...

What a wonderful baby shower! Great friends and family make it all the more special don't they? I LOVED the aprons (adorable, adorable!) and cake server (precious)! So happy you had such a special day, one of many many more to come my friend.

Laura said...

Oh my goodness! What an awesome shower! I don't know what I liked more, the baby crocs on the wreath...the tutu or the cute matching aprons! Course, the cake knife WAS very special too! I got one when I was a born and used it to cut our wedding cake!!!

Wonderful! I'm so glad for you!!!!

Courtney said...

What Fun! That cake cutter made me tear up a little bit. Looks like you ladies had a blast!

annalee said...

your shower dress is SO stinkin' cute. i'm in love with it. and i'm in love with that itty bitty tutu. and the matching aprons. and the cake server is the neatest idea i've ever heard of. i'm overjoyed with what a special first shower you had!

Joannah said...


Anonymous said...

love the pics!!!! you look awesome, as usual!!! luv ya -ab

AmyC623 said...

Everything looked so fabulous! I love the little tutus! I am so happy for you!!! Can you e-mail me A's name? I am dying to know! :)

Eric and Emily said...

Isn't it great to know your baby is loved so much before she is even born?! Beautiful shower!

Anonymous said...

Could you found out how your friend made that adorable baby wreath and maybe describe how she did it on your blog?

birdy said...

You are Way, WAy, WAY too gorgeous for words!!!!!! What a lucky baby A is to have YOU for her beautiful mommy!!!! So many well-deserved blessings to you.

Katie said...

Jill, your shower looks wonderful, and I couldn't be happier for you. You look beautiful!

Thank you for your sweet prayers for us.

Catrisha T said...

I read your blog all the time and have only commented a handful of times. I'm so curious as to what little A's name is? I'm sure it is adorable. Glad you're enjoying your pregnancy finally, and it looks as though your baby shower was a blast. You received so many cute gifts, I especially LOVE the knife and serve and the sentiment with it. I'm glad you had alot of fun little A is well worth it and all the blessing that come with motherhood.

Faith said...

What a special day! I can tell just how happy you are =)

Anonymous said...

Just have to say that you look so cute in your little black dress!

Mel said...

What awesome photos. You have so many wonderful people in your life. AND YOUR DRESS?? SOOOOOOO DARNNNN CUTE! I am bitterly jealous I didn't find that one when I was pregnant and I looked long and hard for a cute black pregnancy dress. You look amazing and simply glowing.

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

I've been following your journey for quite a while now and just wanted to say that I'm praying for you guys! What a blessing!! Your shower looks amazing and I'm so stealing that birthday cake knife me cry! May God truly pour out an abundance of blessings upon your family!