Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All About Amelia - 13 months old!

Amelia, you're 13 months old!!

You weigh 24 lbs - 3 ounces.

You're 30 1/2 inches long.

Head circumference - 18"

Size 3 diaper during the day - size 4 at night.

You're wearing 12-18 month clothing and size 4 shoe. You still pull your shoes and socks off EVERY TIME we're in the car. Mommy is afraid someone is going to think she's a bad Mama who doesn't put socks and shoes on her child when it's freezing outside. So before driving through a drive-thru - we stop in the parking lot, she puts your socks & shoes back on, and then we drive through. Hopefully fast enough, so that you don't have time to get them off before we have to pay! (HAHA!)

You usually sleep 12 hours every night (except when sick). You've been taking a late morning nap, so you don't always take one in the afternoon.

You love grilled cheese, cheese slices, yogurt, turkey, sausage, waffles, pasta, ramen noodles, pizza, cheese quesadillas, baby food oatmeal, baby food mac-n-cheese w/veggies, baby food mixed veggies, baby food fruits. There are lots of things that you won't eat because of the texture, but will eat it if it's pureed like baby food (like oatmeal, mac-n-cheese, fruits & veggies).

You open your mouth extremely wide when we feed you.

You're on whole milk and love it. You have milk with your breakfast and then right before bed. Otherwise, you drink water. You call water, "juice." You love to have ice in your water/juice. You take a cup, except for your one bottle before bed. We're trying to decide when we're going to stop the bedtime bottle.

You're a huge fan of taking medicine. Daddy calls you his little druggie. You sign "more" after taking medicine. You love it.

You have 6 teeth - still no molars. You love to have your teeth brushed!

You've started grinding your teeth. I have no clue how you do this with your front teeth, but it's so loud. I'm worried you're going to hurt your teeth!

You're still taking a paci, but only when taking a nap or going to bed for the night. When you get up, we have you throw your paci into your crib. Though we've caught you reaching through the bars of your crib to grab one during the day! Baby steps. :)

You can stand up without hanging on to anything. You're taking lots of steps, but aren't a full-blown walker yet. Daddy and I count every step you take. Our family was making fun - because at one point, we said, "she took 17 steps!!" (haha!) They asked when we would stop counting how many consecutive steps you take - we said when you're in college. (LOL) We're just so proud of you! :)

You love to be startled and chased. You will just go and sit where we can't see you and wait for us to poke our heads around and say, "BOO!" You think it's hilarious! You still love to have your head covered. You will grab a blanket, shirt...anything you can and will throw it over your head. You sit very still and just wait for us to say something or pull it off.

You've learned to crawl up on the couch and have already fallen off once. Mommy had to quickly teach you how to dismount the couch. (LOL) You're a pro now.

You love bath time, but throwing toys out of the tub has become your favorite thing to do.

You love to shut your bedroom door. Any door really. If you see a door that's open, you want to shut it. You're tall enough now to open the bedroom doors. You did it for the first time a couple of days ago. Heaven help.

You can say Daddy, Mama, juice, cheese, bath, baby, night-night, hat, hi, yeah, & no.

You sign "more" & "food."

You nod your head no. Even when you mean yes.

When asked how old you are, you stick up your index finger to show us ONE!!

We ask where you're belly is and you pull up your shirt to show us.

We ask where you're ear is and you point to your ear.

We ask where you're nose is and you point to your ear. (LOL) We're still working on that one.

When asked where the moon is - you point up!

You like to help Mommy with the laundry - you throw in the washcloths. Unfolding the clean laundry is your specialty though. ;)

You're always hiding things inside of things. I'll open the lid to your teapot and will find a paci. Open the top of your Little People farm and it's full of balls.

You love to push your baby in her stroller and give her kisses.

You seem to always have something in your hands. Even when you're crawling.

You're now scared of the vacuum. You will crawl away from it as fast as you can and keep a very close eye on it, even when it's not running.

You're not fond of the blow dryer either.

Whenever the phone rings, you say, "Da-Da." You're Daddy says this is sweet and sad all at the same time. (LOL) We talk to him on the phone a lot when he's out of town on business. You carry things around with you and will put them to your ear like a phone and start talking.

Amelia, it seems like you learn something new every day. Mommy feels so blessed to be able to stay at home with you and not miss a thing! Thankfully, Daddy doesn't have to miss it either - thanks to video! :)

We love you!
Daddy & Mommy


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Jillian said...

So fun, Amelia is so sweet! I follow your blog sometimes (found it through Kelly's Korner) because our daughters are the same exact age and I love seeing what they are up too. So many similarities...like holding something in their hand ALL THE TIME. :) Enjoy the holiday's with your family.

Momx6 said...

Joy! Joy! fun times....

Faith said...

I just love to read about what this sweet girl is up to each month. Chad and I talk about how adorable she is all the time. So wish we were close enough that we could hang out and babysit her. She's such a doll!!!

kristin fulghum said...

she is so adorable! i love reading what she's up to...it gives me good ideas to practice with leighton.

Jen said...

Precious girl! I'm so ready for everyone to be well so we can play again! Love you!

Amber said...

She is such a cutie, Jill!!

Drake grinds his teeth, too! I'm really hoping it goes away soon.

Lissa said...

You will have to save this! I wrote about my daughter like this when she was little. It will be fun for her to read this one day. Being a mom of little ones is so fun! And I think you can relax about the shoes. My youngest walks around in a tank top even if it's 30 degrees outside. I've just thrown my hands up and given up!

Mel said...

She's remarkable! What a great post. You putting her shoes on before going through a drive thru is hilarious. To think what those people probably see sometimes...

L wouldn't keep shoes on for the longest, either. Really until she started becoming proficient at walking and now she'll keep them on as long as she's walking. She still likes to yank them off the minute we come home, though, and NEVER will she wear socks without shoes. That is just unheard of in these parts! She gives me a pathetic look and says "sock?" if I try to leave them on. Hahaha.. life is so much fun!

Shannon said...

Westin always takes his socks and shoes off too! It drives me crazy because he chews on his socks. So when we get where we are going I can't put them on him because they are wet. Hahaha I've gotten several comments from strangers! So now I either bring a spare pair or I put a blanket over his legs and he can't get to them. :)