Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tea Party...

Amelia and I stayed home today. If I schedule a lunch date or run errands one day, we stay home the next. So today we played, napped, and played some more. We had a fun day!

Amelia received so many toys for her birthday. Seriously. I have told family not to buy her any toys for Christmas. She had very few toys before her birthday, but that is not the case now. Our friends, Vickie & Chris bought her this little tea set. We've had tea parties all afternoon!

She would just watch me "pour" the tea into our cups and then pretend to drink it. She would hold her cup in all different ways at first. :)

But the longer she watched me - she got the hang of it. Now I just have to teach her to hold her pinky finger out while sipping her tea! ;)

Alex has been gone for a week on business. 8 days/7 nights to be exact. We have missed him SO MUCH!!

He arrived home this evening and you should have seen the look on Amelia's face when he walked through the door. I started crying! It was the biggest smile I've ever seen and she crawled at warp speed to get to him.

It made my heart so happy to see her so excited to see her Daddy. We get by when he's not here, but life isn't near as sweet when he's away. He makes us feel so special and takes care of us like no one else.

I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday. We sure did!

Love to all,


Mandy Peterson said...

So sweet how much you guys show love to Alex! He's a lucky man, and you're one very blessed momma!

Hillary said...

I see a tea party birthday in her future!! :)
So glad Alex is home!!

amy said...

cutie! my girls have that tea set and absolutely love it! They also got it for their 1st birthday. It's been a big hit... great for pretend play and dancing too! :) so cute.

Faith said...

Oh my goodness, I love everything about this post. Everything!

Rathi said...

Love this post. Krishani got the same tea set for her baby shower.. till now she hasn't looked at it but is slowly trying to hold the cup! Have a great weekend!

Mel said...

That tea party set is STILL a huge hit at our house. She'll fill up and bring me a cup now, I love it.

So, they go through a HUGE toy developmental change at around 18-20 months. A lot of what you have now will start to bore her to tears! Since her birthday and Christmas fall so close together, you could always tell your family to get her the age 2 stuff now (L has been playing with age 2 stuff for several months, I am getting her mostly 3+ stuff for Christmas even though she's not 2 yet!) so you can put in a closet and bust out later in the year when she's ready for something new! That's what I would do anyways... I definitely don't buy anything with small parts that she could choke on, but some of the "recommended ages" on some things are silly to me. We're at an age where ANY of the pretend play by Melissa and Doug is a HUGE hit. (and it is cheaper on Amazon than ANYWHERE, I've looked!)

So glad your hubby is back home!!


Jenna said...

So sweet! One of our friends has that tea set and B loves to carry around the tea pot! Ha!