Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Amelia's 1st Birthday!

I'm finally posting pics from Amelia's party. I had over 200 pictures to go through, so it took a while to choose. All pictures were taken by Karin Fulgham. Thank you, Karin for all of the beautiful photos!

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

I found this Happy Birthday sign a long time ago...before I even knew what the color scheme for Amelia's party would be. I pulled it out of the closet a week before and was excited to see that it matched! My S-I-L, Jen made the sign for the front door. She started painting not too long ago and has stayed busy with orders ever since...she's so talented!

My S-I-L, Elaina made the birthday pennant! I loved it. She also made the ribbon "skirt" that we put around Amelia's highchair, which was darling. I was so grateful for her help! She made Amelia the most special birthday gift. It was a book filled with letters to Amelia from family. Something Amelia will treasure for years to come. I tried reading some of the letters at the party, but I started crying, so I waited until afterwards. Such a thoughtful gift.

The table decor was really simple. I used a variety of glass candy dishes, jars, and cloches in the center of each table. I filled them with yellow, white, and hot pink gumballs and then tied balloons to float above each table. One of the candy dishes that I used was Amelia's Great-Great Grandmother's. I prayed over it before I put it on the table...that it wouldn't get broken! (LOL)

I painted 12 frames for Amelia's monthly pictures and hung them with ribbon on the fence.

I wanted the food to be simple. We had regular chili and chicken chili to make frito chili pies. We made them like we used to do at our fall carnival - opened the bag of fritos, poured the chili right inside the bag and topped with cheese & sour cream. It was easy and we didn't need bowls! :) We also had mini pulled pork sandwiches.

We did veggie sticks served with ranch & Joy made pecan pie bars and homemade caramel corn. The caramel corn was SO GOOD!!

I wanted a pink and yellow drink to serve. I chose pink lemonade & apple cider punch. The apple cider punch was my favorite. I found the recipe HERE. I'm going to make some at Thanksgiving & Christmas...it's so yummy! I found these drink dispensers at Walmart. I just switched it around and used the bottoms of the dispensers as ice containers on top...it worked perfectly! I found the water bottle labels on etsy. She changed up the colors to match the party and added Amelia's name. She also made the round labels for the cotton candy favors!

I really loved these hot pink & white striped paper straws! You can find them in just about any color combo.

And then there was cake! This was Amelia's "smash cake."

She was a fan! You'll see in that last picture, she's raising her hands in praise over her cake. That's my girl.

I bought her a little dress from Carter's that had a birthday cupcake w/candle embroidered on it. It had a cute, tulle skirt. I didn't want her to get her party dress messy and didn't want her to wear a bib in the pictures, so it made perfect sense to have an outfit change for the birthday cake!

I loved the larger birthday cake that we served to guests. I wanted it to look homemade and to be very simple. Mickey's did a fabulous job and it tasted SO GOOD. They're my favorite bakery to use for special occasions. I found some glittered letters to spell ONE and I thought that was all it needed. We used the cake server set that was given to Amelia from Dr. Lew & Sue before she was even born. It has her initials engraved on it with a sweet message from them. We will use it at every birthday party & then she will use it on her wedding day...MANY, MANY, MANY years down the road! (LOL)

Here are the party favors. I love cotton candy. It's so light and fluffy, I don't know how it could be bad for you.

We had a bounce castle, face painting, balloon animals, and the large frame for pictures. My brother, Andrew made the frame for me. He called and asked what color to paint it and I told him the colors of the party. He just happened to have some bright yellow paint in his garage, which worked out perfectly! I found the frame at Hobby Lobby. I got it 60% off, since their was a chip on it!

Our family & friends had fun with it. :)

We had over 60 family & friends come to celebrate with us. We are so blessed!

The birthday girl with her Granny & Papa (my parents) and her Nana & Daddygrand (Alex's parents).

Amelia had her picture taken with just about everyone at the party. She was such a good sport. I just stuck a balloon animal in her face and she would perk right up! (LOL)

She had a little dance with her Daddy. They do this a lot in the kitchen. :)

She had lots of cousins to help open her gifts - she didn't really know what to do. She was more interested in the tissue paper. She received some fun toys and cute clothes! She thanked everyone by blowing kisses. :)

She had to get some pictures with her BFC (best-friend-cousin), Millie Beth!

I love this quilt she's sitting on. Alex's Grandmother gave it to her. It's very old, so I put another quilt under it, so not to mess it up. Mimi wasn't able to be there, so I wanted something out to remind us of her.

I think this is my favorite picture of her. I'm just curious what's going through that sweet head of hers. :)

1 year old. How can it be?

Love to all,


amy said...

absolutely amazing! what a wonderful way to CELEBRATE your sweet miracle. Happy 1st birthday, Miss Amelia!

Faith said...

This party was fabulous in every way! Each detail is perfectly fit for this princess. Love, love, love it all!! I'm going to call on you when it's time to plan my little one's party - girl, you are a pro!!

Lauren said...

Her party was just PERFECT!!! Down to EVERY last detail!!!!!!! So precious and loved ALL the pictures!!! :)

Jenna said...

What a beautiful party!!! You did such a wonderful job! Happy first Miss Amelia!!!

Amber said...

You did a wonderful job!! Glad she was feeling well, and you had a beautiful day!

beebee said...

You outdid yourself, Mama!! LOVE the party!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Wonderful pictures!!! Everything was so thought out and so special. I love it! I REALLY love the frame idea and would love to do something like that at Westin's party. :)

Rathi said...

Yes, I love everything.. I have decided to do owls for K's first birthday in March. I need planning help! Happy birthday to Amelia. Sure she will love looking at those pictures when she is older!!!

Courtney said...

I hope you never take this post down, because in a few months when I'm planning Macie's first birthday, I am totally going to use some of your ideas! This is incredible. I especially love the frame idea. did you provide funny glasses for peopel to wear? How hysterical!

Katie said...

WOW! What a perfect day for your sweetie pie. Great job!

Jen said...

It was definitely a stunning party! Amelia is such a blessing and it was great to be able to celebrate that sweet girl. :) I love all the pictures and I know you are thrilled to have them. The one of Peyton is adorable!!! Thanks for the little shout-out. Love you!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

oh my goodness Jill! I love everything!! Every decoration and detail was perfect and so much fun! Great job mama!! Happy Birthday again to Amelia! :)

Mel said...

You are SO good. Seriously. This is the most amazing 1st birthday party I have ever seen. In fact, prob the most amazing child's party EVER. I have a 2nd birthday to plan in 4 months, I'll be taking your ideas any day now. ;-)

Megan said...

This party was AMAZING!! Simply amazing!! You did such a good job and I know Amelia will love to look back at these pictures of her 1st birthday. What special memories!

annalee said...

i LOVE the details and colors and festiveness and girliness of this sweet party! well done momma!