Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve...

We started out Christmas Eve by delivering Christmas goodies and gifts to our neighbors. Just for the record, it was so cold outside and Amelia dressed appropriately (she insisted on mittens & hat). Her Daddy on the other hand was dressed like it was 80 degrees outside. The man loves him some flip-flops. :) After delivering gifts, we came back to the house and Amelia played with some of her gifts from the night before. She has been coloring a lot in her Strawberry Shortcake coloring book.

While Daddy & Amelia colored, I made the dough for our candy cane cookies. I think this was my favorite of all the things we did with Amelia this year. I love to bake and to be in the kitchen. I plan on having her in the kitchen with me as much as possible so she will hopefully love it the same. My Mama made these at Christmas when we were little and it's one of my fondest memories. You know how there are certain things that you only make once a year? Certain holidays mean certain foods/goodies. This is something I want my kiddos to always associate with Christmas time. Making these cookies with their Mama. This was the first time I've ever made them. And to make them with my little girl...even more special.

We were so proud of our work! They're almond flavored cookies and tasted delicious.

Another tradition we have is our Christmas Eve service at church. It starts at 11:30pm and ends at midnight.

The kiddos wear their pajamas and have cookies & cocoa. Amelia thought it was so neat that she was wearing her pajamas to church! Here are some of our sweet church family. We love living/sharing our lives with these folks!

I made homemade cocoa & marshmallows for our church members this year. I know it's nothing big but I wanted to give them something to show our love and appreciation for all they do for our church. They love and accept us and each other so well. A true blessing. I ordered little labels with Amelia's picture on them. I was pleased with how they turned out and everyone said they loved the cocoa and marshmallows!

Here's our family of three on Christmas Eve.

We arrived home after 1am and went to bed around 2am. I couldn't do this every night, being a girl who needs 10 hours of sleep and all, but I have to say there's no place I'd rather be on Christmas morning than church. It's always a special time as a church family.

Love to all,


elainaann said...

I had one of those at your Mom's. You and Amelia did a good job they were yummy

Amber said...

I would love the recipe for your cookies if you want to share! Drake has recently taken an interest in helping in the kitchen doing "projects" so I'm sure he will like it next year.

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

loved the service and time, it wasmy first one to attend, next year I am getting new pj's just for that:) just in case I want to go to IHOP afterwards:)