Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 23rd...

Time to start posting pictures of Christmas 2011! I'll start with our Christmas with Alex's family - we always celebrate on December 23rd.

Yes, that first picture is of Amelia riding an English Mastiff. (LOL) He's my SIL's dog and is huge. I looked up and Amelia's was riding into the living room on him. They asked Amelia if she wanted a dog like him at her house and she quickly said, "YES!"

A few pics of the family opening gifts.

Each grandchild took turns opening their gifts. Amelia was so serious at first! Not sure what was going through her head. She loved her gifts though. She received a doctor's kit from her Daddygrand & Nana. She also received play-doh and a Strawberry Shortcake movie/coloring book from her cousin. She LOVES her Strawberry Shortcake movie - her eyes are glued to the TV through the entire thing.

Our family of 3.

Love to all,


Faith said...

I love that last picture of your sweet family! Amelia on that dog is hilarious. Ha!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

love it, need you to paost them or send the pics to me so I can post them the one of mother is soooo good:) hugs