Saturday, January 21, 2012

Date Night At Home...

When sitting down to discuss our goals for the New Year, Alex and I wanted to make sure we did a better job of having date nights. We had that on our goals for last year and sadly, it just didn't happen as often as we would have liked. We promised that this year we would have a date night at least once a month. You wouldn't think that would be very hard but when you have small kiddos - it's harder than you would think. I don't know why but I hate asking people to babysit...I feel like it's a lot to ask. I take Amelia to all of my doctor's appointments so I don't have to ask for a babysitter. There will definitely be times this year that I ask someone to babysit so we can get out of the house, but we both agreed that date nights at home would be fun too. So after putting Amelia to bed last night, we had dessert and a movie!

I wanted to fix a meal that would be special for Alex since it was date night and all. I made buffalo chicken tacos. He LOVES buffalo wings so I knew he would love this. I found the recipe HERE. They were very tasty and easy to make! The only thing I did differently was salt the chicken as I was frying it - the recipe didn't call for any salt and needed it in my opinion. I'll be adding these to our menu calendar for sure. I'm excited to try some other recipes from this site as well.

I also made Pioneer Woman's flat apple pie. We watched her make this pie on her show last Saturday. Alex mentioned that it looked SO GOOD and that it wouldn't hurt his feelings if I decided to try that recipe out...or something subtle like that. I usually make a no-sugar added apple pie and let me tell you - this is most definitely NOT sugar free. I didn't have shortening for the crust so I made it with butter. So that = almost 3 sticks of butter in this pie. It was AMAZING. I don't know if I'll ever buy a pre-made crust again. Or make no-sugar added apple pie ever again.

Or be my pre-pregnancy size ever again.

It was nice to put the computers/phones away and just spend time together. Even if it was in our living room and not a fancy restaurant and movie theatre. I just need time with my sweet man.

Love to all,


Momx6 said...

:) Place doesn't matter.

elainaann said...

Sounds like a fun date night. You know Aunt E would jump at the chance to hang out with Amelia. That would be a fun night for me. Seriously it's a blessing to keep her. You should never feel bad for asking. :). So being subtle isn't my thing.

annalee said...

i love your goals, thank you for encouraging me in big ways through them!

we are actually having a home date night tonight too, enjoy yours! looks wonderful.

Jen said...

Funny... Jared and I had a movie date at home last night too. We try to do that as often as we can. Love date nights. :)

Ashley said...

What a special night. I am so glad y'all got to do that! And your menu sounds DELICIOUS. I will be trying both recipes soon! And I love your cute chalkboard!