Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day 2012...

What's that I hear? 


That's right...silence.

Both girls are asleep and I have a fresh cup of coffee in hand.

Life is good.

It's almost embarrassing how excited I am to be blogging.  I MISS IT. I have started so many posts and haven't finished them.  I will.  Just slowly. 

I feel like we're getting into somewhat of a routine around here.  I use the word routine lightly.  For three days I've been able to get both girls to nap at 2pm.  I feel such a sense of accomplishment as I slowly shut their bedroom doors and sit in peace and quiet for 2 hours.

The kitchen is clean.  The floors have been vacuumed. The dining room table has a fresh pile of laundry that needs to be folded - but that always seems to be the case.  Who actually eats at their dining room table anyway? The living room looks like a toy store showroom but if someone were to stop by for a surprise visit - I'd let them in.

I feel like I'm coming out of what seemed to be a light case of postpartum.  I wasn't depressed as in I couldn't get out of bed or didn't like my babies.  I just found myself very overwhelmed, anxious, and crying a lot.  Maybe it was just a case of being a Mom to a toddler and newborn. Alex's work is asking a lot of him right now.  He travels every week and we're not used to that, but we're managing.  The girls and I went to stay with my parents the last time he was out of town for a few days and that really helped.  We can tell that he and I need some no-babies-allowed time. We're looking at our calendars trying to find a weekend to make that happen.  We've been married long enough (15 years) to know when we need to take time just the two of us.  It's usually when we start communicating not so kindly with each other. (ha!) Having a newborn and toddler brings the most amazing joy to our family...but it also takes a lot out of you as a couple.  You're constantly tending to the needs of your babies and much of the time the needs of your spouse are put aside.  You feel like you're in survival mode for the first several months.  Just keeping your head above water.  If everyone is fed, bathed and wearing a clean diaper - we're feeling pretty good about ourselves. So we're making it a priority to have a date night soon and I can't wait!

We were invited to the lake house for Memorial Day weekend and had the best time.  Amelia loved playing in the little kiddie pool on the deck. She kept telling Uncle Kev that she was "swimming like a turkey." He tried to tell her turkeys can't swim but she insisted they can. 

She's two.  She knows everything.

Sydney watching everyone eat dinner on the deck. :)

Amelia enjoying her applesauce on the boat.

Sydney pretty much slept the entire time we were on the boat.

Daddy and Amelia taking a swim.

Mommy and Amelia.

Amelia is usually afraid of anything new but she was so brave on the lake!  She went down the slide with Daddy the first time but was on her own after that.  She would have done this all day long I think!




And she jumped off the boat to Daddy as well!  I couldn't believe it.  I'm hoping Alex can teach her to swim this summer.  He swims like a fish and I want my girls to be the same way.  I can swim but I'm not nearly as comfortable around the water as he is!

Amelia was WORN OUT by the end of the weekend.  She fell asleep sitting up on our boat ride back to the house.  We were laughing so hard.  

My Uncle and Aunt are so gracious to open their home to anyone and everyone.  They are the best hosts and Amelia is already talking about our next trip to the lake.  It was a fun day with family and friends!

Love to all,


Kaysie said...

What a great Memorial Day weekend! It looks like Amelia had so much fun.
I can only imagine the pressure two little ones put on a marriage. I think it's great you guys are able to realize when you need some alone time together. :)

Sara said...

Love "hearing" about your sweet family! That picture of you and Amelia on the boat is cute, cute, cute!!!

Amber said...

So true... date nights are important. I'm hoping we don't wait too long to have one now that Colin is here.

I always love seeing pictures of your trips to the lake - looks like a lot of fun!!

Mazzy said...

I'm so glad that everything is going well and is getting easier. I think the first few months with a second baby is so beyond words hard, at least it was for me. It affected every relationship in this house and I'll never forget the moment when I broke down in tears and asked my husband "what have we done?"

And now? I couldn't imagine life without that little sweetie. You are doing SO MUCH BETTER than I did, I think it wasn't until 6 months that I came out of the awful haze of insanity. You are blessed to have such a wonderful support system.

Those memorial day photos are awesome!

annalee said...

love reading your updates and what a fun holiday!

you are not alone. i was shocked how crazy it was for me to figure out life with one more munchkin when g was born. every three months at our house i could tell huge improvements toward our new "normalcy" and somewhere after he turned one i felt like my self was really going to return:) you are doing a beautiful job loving that precious family of yours.