Friday, June 29, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Kid's Rooms

Poor Sydney still doesn't have a finished nursery.
She will be in our room for another 3-4 months so we have awhile to finish! :)

I thought I'd show you Amelia's room. 

A few things have changed since taking these pictures but not much.

My friend, Kim made this adorable painting for Amelia's room. 
She has painted one for Sydney's too. 
It's just waiting on me to finish her room! 

I love bright colors for children's rooms. 
The more color the better in my opinion. :)

I knew I wanted Amelia's room to be tiffany blue. 
We took a Tiffany's box into Home Depot and they color matched it perfectly!

I chose hot pink, black and white to add to the tiffany blue.

I bought the clock years ago before I was even pregnant.
We've had to take it down for a while because Amelia is currently scared of it.
She says it shows her it's teeth at night?
Bless her heart...she's dealing with lots of fears right now.
It's hard being 2 years old.

My sister-in-law painted the large A in the corner of her room by the chair. 
This is her reading corner as well as her time out chair. ha!
We've changed the lamp shade as well and it's sits on her dresser.

I bought this mirror at a resale shop. 
It was ugly brown so I painted it silver!

One of the main things that has changed since taking these pictures...
Amelia is in a big girl bed now!

Amelia spends lots of time in her room playing so I wanted it to be a place she enjoys hanging out.

And she does! :)

Another thing I love - it's not baby'ish at all so it will grow with her!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Love to all,


Jenny said...

oooh!! I LOVE the color scheme!!! So fun and vivid and bright!! ADORABLE and unique!!!

PJ said...

Sooo cute! I love the color scheme too. That chair is awesome!!!

Did you guys just skip the toddler bed stage?

V-n-J said...

what a beautiful room - love the colours you chose. the lamp and chair are such cool accents to the room!
*visiting from kelly's korner*

Susy said...

I have always loved Amelia's room. The color combinations are perfect, and it's so bright and cheery! It's perfect for her!

Debra said...

Really cute! I just love the colors.

Karrie said...

I love when kids use their room as their own little get away! Cute room!