Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Mother's Helper...

Today is the first day of summer!  Even though it has felt like summer for awhile now. :) We've made our summer to-do list and are having a fun time!

One of the things we love about this summer is Amelia's new friend, Shelby. My friend, Erin sent out an email that her 11 year old daughter wanted to be a mother's helper for the summer.  She wants to get some experience babysitting but of course doesn't want or need to be left alone with children right now.  Even though I have to say, Shelby is a very mature 11 year old!  She read her babysitting books before coming over and knows exactly what to do if Amelia were to ever be stung by a bee or any other emergency should arise. How cute is that!? Today she brought a bunch of books to read to Amelia and some crafty things to do with her. She's just the sweetest thing and Amelia loves her to death.  She comes once a week and stays for two hours.  It gives me a chance to do some things around the house while Amelia is having fun with a friend!  A friend that is old enough to say, "no, Amelia, let's not jump on the bed" or "Amelia, let's pick up our toys." Amelia thinks whatever Shelby does is just the coolest thing.  Shelby told her that she could go ahead and eat lunch while she finished picking up the toys in her room and Amelia said, "I want to help, Shelby!" I've already told her that I get first dibs on hiring her as a babysitter for the girls when she's old enough to stay with them alone. I have friends who babysat the same kids through their entire childhood and they're like family.  We would just love for that to be the case with sweet Shelby!  Amelia asks when she's coming back as soon as she leaves. :)

She's a wonderful mother's helper.  My friend, Erin should be very proud of the little lady she's raising!

Love to all,


Amber said...

What a great idea!!

Lauren said...

Sooooo sweet!!!!!