Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Life Lately...

I haven't touched this blog in over a month.  We've just been living life and life seems to be pretty busy these days.   Alex's travel schedule has picked up and will continue until the end of the year.  Time with him is precious.  We sure appreciate how hard he works to take care of us.  
And we're always happy when Daddy comes home!

Friday was "take your kid to work day."
Or so Amelia insisted.  
Alex let her go and I received this picture around 5 o'clock.
She passed out in his lap by the end of the day. 

I'm sitting here in the quiet while the girls nap.  
They've both been sick today and are pretty emotional.  
Especially my baby girl. 
I can't believe she's 19 months old.  
I need to write a post about what she's up to these days.
She's a riot.
Love her.

They both received their flu shots yesterday.
You can tell by this picture - someone wasn't happy about it.
She placed a sticker where they gave her the shot and said she could barely walk. 
Flu shot copays have gone up.  
It cost me a sticker, milkshake, new DVD and a baby doll.

Getting her to the doctor for her four year shots (they will give her FOUR) should be fun.

And expensive.

I should probably go ahead and reserve a wheelchair for Sydney to push her sister around all day. 
The likelihood of her walking after four shots is slim to none. 

We're throwing a little party this weekend for Amelia's 4th birthday.
She wanted a baking party.
We picked up a few things last week to make it special but we're keeping it simple.
She wants to make chocolate chip cookies and requested a cake with sprinkles.
Alex is going to grill hot dogs and we've invited her cousins and friends from church.
There will be about 10 of them here to celebrate.  She's really excited. 

I can't believe Fall is here.  
I'm loving the cooler weather.
I feel like we'll blink and it will be Thanksgiving.  
We have a fun getaway coming up, just the two of us.  
I cannot wait!

Love to all,

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