Monday, October 14, 2013

Amelia's 4th Birthday Party...

We celebrated Amelia's 4th birthday with friends on Saturday.  
She chose a baking party several months ago.
I wanted it to be simple and fun for the kids.
It ended up being one of my favorite parties!

Amelia has been to several parties with a piñata and she thinks they're so neat.
She filled it to the top with candy.

The only thing she requested for this party was a cake with sprinkles and to make chocolate chip cookies.  Alex grilled hot dogs for lunch, we had chips, fruit, and some other appetizers for the adults.

We had cupcakes for the kiddos to decorate.  I found these little retro ovens that opened and held a cupcake.  We had to print/cut/put them together.  And by we, I mean Alex, Pryce, Joy, and my Mama.  So thankful for their help.  The kids were proud of their decorating and were able to take their cupcake home with them. 

They also took home a music CD. 
Amelia Joy's Bakers Dozen.  Thirteen of her favorite songs.
I laugh every time I listen to it.
Veggies Tales, Fresh Beat Band, Rosemary Clooney, Jesus Culture, New Life Worship, Pinkalicious...just to name a few.

We put together these little bags with cupcake liners, sprinkles and Amelia's favorite buttercream icing recipe, which is her Aunt Joy's recipe.  It's delicious.

What would we do without Pinterest?  
I found this cupcake liner garland idea.  
So easy and pretty much the only decoration at the party other than balloons.

We brought out the girls' kitchen for decoration and playtime.

Mickey's made the yummiest pink cake with sprinkles.

A few pictures of Amelia's fam/friends.

Amelia Joy and her Papa.

Nathaniel never fails to melt my heart. 
So stinkin' cute.

Miss her!

Peyton and Millie having a good time!

Laila and Sydney.
Sydney spent most of the party eating Cheetos and trying to remove her bow.

The whole gang!
They all looked so cute in their personalized aprons/hats. 
Thanks to my friend, Nitzia for helping me!

My nephew said, "when we come to a party here - everything has our name on it."


We do love to personalize things around here. 

Birthday girl taking it all in.

She was so serious while decorating.

You can never have too much icing.

Joylyn was a pro.

I'm thankful for the Mamas.
They helped all of the kiddos while I was taking pictures/running to the kitchen.

Aunt Joy is always there to help with our parties.
She made all of the cupcakes, icing, and cookie dough. 
We love you, Aunt Joy!!

Little hands at work.

Pey-Pey's beautiful smile and cupcake!

Laila adding just the right amount of sprinkles.

When you get real serious about something - you stick out your tongue.

Jen was so sweet to help Sydney decorate her cupcake.

Jackson this boy!

The babies just stripped down to their aprons to decorate their cupcakes. :)

Time for the chocolate chip/M&M cookies!

Peyton and Kandace.

Mika, Joylyn, and Millie


It was fun to just watch them do their thing. 
Some of the funnest times are when you don't try to control what they do.
Just let them be and it makes for the best party.
I'm fairly certain they each consumed a pound of sugar at the party.

Their cookies baked while they played.

Amelia Joy with her cookies.

Cake time!

Each year with this girl is more fun.  

So Amelia chose this #4 candle. 
Except it wasn't a candle. 
It was a sparkler. 

And it scared her to death at first.

But then she thought it was funny.

Our party of four.

Me and my mini-me.
I love her so big.

Gift time!
Aunt Sara always chooses the best hats. ;)

Reading a handmade card from Kandace. 
These are the types of things I will find in her drawer when she's 18.  
She doesn't throw a single card away that she's given.

So the piñata was a hit. 
Except we don't have one single tree in our yard. 
So Alex had to hold it and pray he didn't turn into a piñata.

More sugar!!

Most of the guests after the party.

She didn't want the party to end.
We ended the day eating dinner (Panera's mac-n-cheese) with Granny on her bed.
She's recovering from surgery here at our home. 
Amelia wants to help take care of her Gran and has been the biggest helper. 
She knew my Mom couldn't come to the party, so she took balloons to her room to make her feel a part.  I love her heart. 

I can't believe my baby is going to be four years old in a little over a week.  I know I'm her Mama but I would say this even if I weren't - she's such a neat person.  There's something very special about Amelia Joy.  I have no idea what God has planned for her life but I pray she'll guard her heart above all else and give every piece of it to Him.  I've prayed that for both of my babies since the day they were born.  

 It was a sweet party and Amelia and her friends had the best time.  
That always makes me a happy Mama.

I love you, Amelia Joy!
To the moon & back & back & then to France!

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Faith said...

What a perfect day for this amazingly special girl. I loved everything about this and I can tell that Amelia enjoyed her day so much. I honestly cannot believe she is almost! I'm so thankful for her life and look forward to watching her continue to grow. Love y'all!