Thursday, October 31, 2013

Harvest Fest 2013...

We started October 31st with dance classes.
The girls were asked to dress in costume.
Here's my little paper doll.

She managed to dance the entire class in this thing!

She has a fall performance on Friday evening.
I'm looking forward to seeing what she has learned.

She loves dance class and loves her teachers. 
Looks forward to it every week!

We were at the church the entire day.
Between running errands for Harvest Fest and setting up!

My Mama helped me make Sydney's costume this year. 
I can't sew.
But I can use scissors and hot glue. :)
She was a cherry pie with whipped cream on top!

This was right before Harvest Fest started and bless it.
Can you tell someone didn't get a nap?

But Sydney perked up once we gave her some food. 

Some of our Journey Kids!

Such a sweet surprise when I saw these two walk through the door. 
4-hour round trip just to come to our Harvest Fest. 
Love my little bro and sister-in-law!

The kiddos had a great time!

My SIL and I planned Harvest Fest together this year. 
It was such fun working with her.
I sort of have hair envy too. ;) 
Love her!!

Love to all,

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