Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Three no more - she's turning four!

Today is Amelia Joy's 4th Birthday! 

We started our day with snuggle time in Mama's bed. 
I sang Happy Birthday to her and then she immediately wanted to jump
out of bed and see her Daddy. 

We made one of her favorites - cinnamon rolls out of can.

It was necessary to have four candles stuck in the cinnamon roll. 

Then she opened a couple of gifts from Daddy and Mama. 

We had plans of taking her to pick out her first big girl bike.

I realized today that my daughter is much like her Mama. 

She really loves to surprise people and give people gifts. 

And we should have surprised her with the bike vs telling her she could pick it out.

Learning my children's love languages is so important.  
And this little girl seems to be wired a lot like her Mama. :)

She forgave us and agreed to go to Toys R Us to choose her own bike.

She test drove a few and decided on a Lalaloopsy bicycle with training wheels.

Even picked out a matching Lalaloopsy bike helmet. 

Sydney test drove a couple of bikes too. 

She also hid behind some boxes in the bicycle aisle and gave us a good heart attack.

My stomach is still upset from those 3 minutes. 
Longest 3 minutes of my life. 
Don't let Sydney out of the cart - lesson learned.

We went to Cracker Barrel after bicycle shopping.

We had lunch before taking Daddy to the airport. 

And then we had ice cream.

Cotton candy and vanilla.

While out for the day, people would stop and say, "well Happy Birthday to you!"
Amelia would smile and say, "thank you!"
She would then ask us how they knew it was her birthday.
She insisted it was that she looked older today.

We took a long bike ride when we arrived home.

After her bike ride, she wanted to paint with some of her art supplies that she received for her birthday.

And then jump on the trampoline.

We had mac-n-cheese (requested by the birthday girl) for dinner.
And then she blew out her candle on the ice cream cupcakes!

This is her "I'm exhausted - get me to bed" look.

We had the best day celebrating our girl. 
She's such a gift. 

We love you to the moon & back, Amelia Joy! 

Happy 4th Birthday!!

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Lauren & Eddie said...

Happy {belated!} Birthday, Amelia! It looks like y'all had a fabulous day celebrating! So fun!