Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bunny Went To Target...

So for many months, we've had this thing going with Sydney. 

Her Bunny disappeared one time. 

The Bunny that she sleeps with every single night. 

In an effort to get her to go to sleep with a different bunny that night, someone told her, "Bunny probably went to Target and would be back in the morning."

I think it was her Granny that told her that.

And it worked.

Ever since then, when she can't find it, she says, "Bunny must of went to Target."

We also sneak Bunny to Target with us, sit him on a shelf, and then purposefully go down that aisle. She sees him and gets so excited. She thinks it's hilarious that her Bunny goes shopping at Target. 

Every so often, we arrive home, and we'll put Bunny on the doorstep with a Target bag or something she likes from Target and then ring the doorbell. We tell her to answer the door and she finds Bunny sitting there with a surprise for her. 

Last night, Bunny went to Target and brought her back some "tree nuts."

Her favorite.

She told Bunny, "thank you, but you can't have any because you're allergic to tree nuts."

One day, she'll catch on that we're the ones taking Bunny to Target, but until then, it makes us all laugh.

Our temperatures outside just keep dropping. 

I've decided I'm not keen on the cold.

I've kept a fire going all day. 

Alex taught me how to build a fire and it makes me feel so Little House on the Prairie. 

Like I have survival skills or something.

Never mind that I used gas to start it. 

I said, never mind. 

I received a robe for Christmas - it was my something to wear

It's really cute and has my initials on it.

Amelia has been obsessed with it. She asked me, "what is this for?" 

I explained that I wear it while getting ready in the morning. 

I guess she had never seen a robe. 

We hooked her up with one.

Pretty sure she'll be living in this thing. 

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with my nephew's future bride and future mother-in-law.

We went over plans for their wedding.

I needed something that I could make quickly before they arrived and chocolate chip cookies are always my go-to.

They're quick and yummy!

The girls were excited we were having company.

They love company and they love cookies!

This is something that I'm very excited about. 

My SIL invited all the ladies in our family to participate in the LPL Siesta Scripture Memory Team Challenge. 

This is my first time to participate.

I invited several friends to join us, as well.

I feel like my memory isn't what it used to be, but I'm determined to do this. 

Hiding God's Word in your heart is life changing. 

I know...those are big words...LIFE CHANGING. 

His Word is Truth and it's with His Word that we fight our battles against our enemy, Satan. 

Everyone is in a battle. 

"For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens." Ephesians 6:12

I'm choosing verses that actually pertain to what I'm fighting through right now.

And my girls have started their own SSSMT. 

Small Siesta Scripture Memory Team. 

All it takes is Mama walking around the house, quoting scripture out loud, and they have it memorized after hearing it twice. 

They obviously have a better memory than their Mama. 

I know it's only January, but I'm already loving this year. 

Love to all,

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Faith said...

Way to go, Amelia!

I love the bunny story. So, so cute!

Love your precious family so much!