Friday, January 9, 2015

Bathrooms and Bibles and Other Stuff...

This is a post of total randomness. 

Our nephew painted our guest bathroom. 

I really loved a pumpkin orange bathroom...about 10 years ago.

But it's 2015 and time to lighten up!

Erin helped me with the color. 

It's Sherwin Williams Sea Salt at 50%. 

I love it. 

I want to paint my bedroom and bathroom now. 

It's a great neutral but still gives some color. 

This serves as a guest bathroom, but it's mainly used by our little girls, so I wanted to decorate it for them. 

I added a few things for Christmas. 

I love putting scripture on our walls.

You can find all sorts of free prints on Pinterest!

A few of the prints are from a Hobby Lobby sale.

I found the mirror last year at an antique store.

I shopped my garage when it was time to decorate!

Alex brought home flowers for his girls this week.

Tulips, one of my favorites.

I put the girls' flowers in their bathroom.

And mine are in the living room.

Sydney slept without her paci for night #2. 

We celebrated this morning with her favorite donut holes from Shipley's!

And can I just say, "goodbye Starbucks."

I haven't had Starbucks since before Christmas.

I make my own lattes every single morning now.

And they are SO MUCH better than Starbucks. :)

So if you want to stop by and visit, I'll be your barista!

I get my hair cut about twice a year.

You can do that when you have long hair. :)

Yesterday was my first haircut of the year and I had it chopped off.

Feels good!

I bought the Raymond Briggs Snowman movies for the girls.

I was curious if they would actually watch them...since there are no words.

They've watched them a lot.

And they're glued!

This is Amelia's little Bible bank.

Open Doors Frontline Faith did a little article about it last month.

I think about who first introduced her to stories about the Persecuted Church.

I'm thankful for my Uncle Kevin.

We pray every single day for our brothers and sisters in Christ who share our faith but not our freedom.

And it's all because he became a spokesperson for Open Doors. He puts real faces to the real stories.

It's impossible to hear these stories and not pray...or give...or find some way to help.

I'm also thankful for CBS. Amelia's teachers helped her make that little bank. And she has since filled it up twice. She views it as something she's supposed to continue doing. It's empty, so fill it up again and buy more Bibles!

I'm just thankful she's surrounded with people who love Jesus and they're constantly sharing ways to share Jesus. Sharing ways to take the focus off ourselves and focus on others. 

We're surrounded by so many who help teach our children about the love of Jesus. 

It's an awesome thing.

Love to all,

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Faith said...

The new paint looks great! My sister used sea salt in a few rooms in her new house. It's a pretty color! I really love all of the pictures you hung. I want to do this in the girls bath too!

Your hair looks awesome too! So pretty 😘