Monday, February 20, 2012

Random Thoughts While On Bed Rest...

I have lots of things going on in my head these days. That's what being on bed rest will do to you. Thinking. Lots of thinking. So here are some random thoughts for this Monday morning.

1. I woke up with lips twice the size of what they were last night.

2. My face is three times the size it was last night.

3. I wore my hair down today - in an effort to cover the ever growing lips and face.

4. It didn't work. My nurse mentioned the "puffy face" upon sitting down in her office.

5. I feel like a free woman when I get to leave for doctor's appointments twice a week. Since I've been put on house arrest.

I mean bed rest.

6. After stepping off the scale today, I asked my doctor if it was ok to take diet pills while pregnant.

He said that's the easiest question he has been asked in quite some time.

7. No diet pills for me.

8. I looked at our bank account today. I blushed with embarrassment on how much $ we've given Shake's Custard in the last two weeks. Their strawberry shakes are to die for and I've been craving them. A lot. My marriage almost ended over a strawberry shake while I was in the hospital a week ago. Long story. All I can say about it is...bless my husband's heart. Can you say HORMONAL??

9. I wonder why I've been gaining so much weight lately?

Such a mystery.

10. This is the second week that friends and family have been bringing meals to us. I haven't cooked a meal since I was put on bed rest. Every day a meal is dropped off and I close the door and want to cry. We are blessed to have so many people who love us and want to serve/bless us in this way - when we need it the most.

11. I went to Target right after my doctor's appointment today and bought hand soap and dish soap. We've only had one bottle of hand soap in the house for a couple of days and I've been carrying it from bathroom to bathroom or to the kitchen to wash my hands. I was only at Target for 5 minutes but it was so much fun.

12. I miss Target.

13. #11 was more of a confession.

14. Dr. S, if you read my blog...I'm sorry I broke the rules and went to Target.

15. My baby girl is up from her nap now...time to move from the bed to the couch.

Love to all,


Christi said...

Loved reading this. I'm such a slacker. I've had a package to send you a week and got side tracked with a sick little one so reading this just reminded me of that.

I'm a chronic hand soap buyer, I'm always afraid of running out of that and toilet paper so if needed, I could ship you some :) And this is the season that you don't cook and allow others to serve you. It's hard, I know.

Was the nurse/doctor concerned with your face today? Mine did get swollen but it was my feet that kept swelling when I had pre-e, they looked like sausages (maybe the reason I don't like sausages today).

Praying that you're doing well and that you get a shake soon. If I could get you one of those I would.


kristin fulghum said...

Oh man...shakes is so delicious! Eat up girl. You have the best excuse and limited time. Hang in there! I absolutely can't imagine taking care of a two year old while on bed rest. You are amazing!

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

This was so funny--I especially like the "#11 was really a confession"....It's wonderful that you have friends who bring you meals! What a blessing!

twondra said...

I feel so bad. I haven't had any time much to blog much less check blogs since Hannah's been born and I feel terrible I didn't know you were on bed rest. :( I will definitely pray for you.

I loved reading this post. So cute. :)

Thank you for the advice awhile ago about stirring the formula rather than shaking it. It totally helped!! It didn't take away her gas by any means but it definitely helped so thank you!!

Thinking of you! ((HUGS))

Mazzy said...

This is hilarious... at least you retain your humor in misery? ;)

Any way you slice it, the end of pregnancy is BRUTAL. I cannot imagine bed rest on top of it. I swelled SO BADLY with Landry, I gained 15 lbs alone in the last 2 months and then dropped it so quickly. This, too, shall pass! You'll get your skinny little hands and face back before you know it, I promise!!!!!


(I LOVE strawberry shakes and crave them all the time! There's just nothing else like them!)

Faith said...

Bless it, girl! I'm so sorry that you are having to go through this, but you are a good sport. Praying for you and Sydney!

Love you!