Monday, July 2, 2012

A little getaway...

Alex's parents asked if they could come over and stay the night with the girls and let us take an overnight date night.  We quickly said, "YES!"  We didn't get a date night last month and were needing some one-on-one time desperately.  The longer we've been married we've come to recognize when it's time to step away from everything else and reconnect.  Having a new baby makes it a little harder to do but even if it's date nights at home after the kids are in's so important to make each other a priority.

Amelia woke up on Friday morning and was pretty excited when I told her Daddygrand & Nana were coming to stay the night.  This picture is obviously before I told her. :)  I just love pictures of her as soon as she wakes up.  She still has a sleepy, baby face. She also lets me cuddle and kiss on her.

My in-laws arrived right about the time Alex arrived home from work.  I threw some stuff in a bag and said bye to my big girl...

And bye to my baby girl.  This was my first time to leave Sydney.  It was hard to leave her. :(

But at the same time I was excited to be on a date with my husband.  I love this man so much.  We were going to go to YaYa's for dinner but they had a fire of some sort so we headed to Bravo instead.  This was our first time to eat there and it was delicious.  Definitely at the top of our list of places to dine.  After dinner we headed to the hotel.  There's just something about staying in a hotel, even if it's in the same city you live.  You feel like you're getting away even though you're only a few minutes from home.  We slept until 9am the next morning!!  So nice.  We headed to Mimi's for breakfast and I had my usual.  It's not on the menu anymore but they'll still make it.  Mimi's Huevos Con Tortillas and a mocha latte. Mmmm...delicious.

After breakfast we did a little shopping and then I made us an appointment for mani/pedis. This was Alex's first mani/pedi experience.  I've told him for years that he needs to get them on a regular basis but he thought it was something that was meant for women only.  As you can see by this picture...he enjoyed it.  He fell asleep! So cute.  He first told me that I couldn't blog about it or take a pic but I finally got his permission to post this. ha!  I have to say, his nails look really nice.  It's amazing to me how men let their nails get hang nails to the point of bleeding!  Ouch.  I'll be dragging him along with me again if he'll allow it. I really enjoyed having him there with me.

We headed home after our mani/pedi.  We had been gone for almost a full 24 hours. We were so excited to see these two girls!!  I couldn't stop kissing them.  Sydney was so serious at first...wouldn't really smile at me.  I was afraid she had forgotten who I was and swore to never leave her again. ;) Amelia was all smiles...she had a great time with her Daddygrand & Nana.  She told us they played with her the whole time. My father-in-law came walking into church with a cane on Sunday.  I'm just praying it wasn't because of Amelia forcing him into her tent to play hide-n-seek!! I told him we'd pay for his chiropractor if needed. ha!

It was just for a day but it was a much needed getaway for the two of us.  Thanks to my in-laws for watching our babies!

Love to all,


Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

It was our blessing:)

Laura said...

So glad you guys had fun! So important to go on dates and keep your marriage fun!