Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I don't wanna grow up...

Amelia Joy turned four years old at the end of October. 
I intentionally made her four year appointment for November.
I was told she would have to have four shots and was dreading that appointment.

Yesterday was the day.
She asks before every doctor's appointment if she'll have to have shots. 
I didn't want to lie and told her why we must have vaccinations.
She said she's okay with getting chicken pox and diphtheria 
but I didn't think that was the route we wanted to go.

Her Daddy promised an Easy Bake Oven if she would go to this appointment.
Because he's the Daddy and can do that.

So she agreed. 

She would say, "I'm worried about the shots but I'm just going to keep thinking about those cupcakes I'm going to bake in my Easy Bake Oven."

4 years old!

She also said, "I don't care for this white gown."

We love our pediatrician.
She sat and talked to Amelia for quite some time.
I loved sitting back and listening to Amelia answer all of Dr. M's questions.
She asked Amelia if she was going to be a doctor when she grows up.
Amelia said, "no, I'm going to be a baker."

She also asked her if she has been to the dentist and Amelia said, 
"no, but we're scheduling an appointment very soon."
Which is totally true.  
I've been planning on scheduling an appointment for over a year now. HA!

Amelia is at the 88th percentile for weight and 97th percentile for height.
After talking to Amelia, the doc thinks she might get a little bored in Kindergarten. ;)
We shall see!
She's a healthy, smart, TALL four year old. 
Healthy = music to our ears!

Sydney Faith was a good girl. 
She has been dealing with a cold over the past few days but is on the mend.

I was thankful Alex came to this appointment.
Our four year old got some superpower strength when it was time for shots.
Alex had tears in his eyes - it was a little much for his Daddy-heart.
And she may or may not have been screaming, "Daddy, why are you letting her do this to me!?"
Pretty sure his heart broke into a million pieces.

Amelia said, "Mama, let's go straightaway to Target for my Easy Bake Oven!"

So I wiped Amelia's eyes, picked up the pieces to Alex's heart, wiped Sydney's nose, and we went straightaway to Target.

Just for the record: I do not personally use the word straightaway.
Except sometimes to sound as smart as my four year old.

Also for the record: Easy Bake Ovens are not what they used to be.
We bought pretzel mix, cupcake mix, cookie mix.

The choices are endless. 
As are the attachments needed to bake the above items.

But look at that smile? 
How could we say no?

Plus, this will only help her in 20 years as a future baker.

I let her do everything - she felt very much like a big girl, four year old.

These were the tiniest chocolate chip cookies I've ever seen.

Longest 14 minutes of her life.

She was a little bummed that the oven doesn't have a timer that goes off like on the iPad app.

She thought they were delicious.

She saved one for her Daddy and shared the rest with her sister.



Amelia goes through these little spurts of crying and saying she doesn't want to grow up. 
I'm not sure where that's coming from or what that's about.  
Could be that Taylor Swift song I listen to on repeat somedays.

I do have to say, as much as I miss having a tiny baby, this girl makes life so much fun.

She's my all-time favorite four year old.

Who doesn't have to have shots again until she's 11.

Love to all,


Niki said...

Can I come over to play? Man, I miss my easy bake oven. I may or may not have asked for one for Christmas 2 years ago. I may or may not have been reminded that I am an adult with an actual oven.

Niki said...

Can I come over to play? Man, I miss my easy bake oven. I may or may not have asked for one for Christmas 2 years ago. I may or may not have been reminded that I am an adult with an actual oven.

Lauren & Eddie said...

We had ours the day after James' birthday and he asked about shots before we got there, too. Doc McStuffins has ruined it for us! Amelia, those cookies look delicious! (This looks so much different from my old school Easy Bake Oven. Does it still have a lightbulb to cook?)