Sunday, November 10, 2013

Leap into Fall...

Amelia's dance company had a fall fundraiser on Friday evening.
Her class was performing and she was oh so excited.

This is before we left the house.
She says this is a PliĆ©.  
I have no idea if this is correct.
I've never seen a ballerina stand like this, doesn't seem very ballerina'ish to me, but I'm not a ballerina.
So I'll take Amelia's word for it.

Little sis wanted to get in on the picture.
Copying everything her big sis does.

Our friend, Nina entertained the crowd with her beautiful voice.

My friend, Holly and her people. 
Her twins, V&B, take ballet with Amelia!

Nana and Sydney

Greta, Mary, and Greta's Mama - they served our yummy dinner.
Corky's Bar-B-Q!

Amelia with her cousins.

Me and Velia. 
I first met Velia several months ago at Amelia's dance workshop. 
She's the sweetest person.
Love that our girls take dance together.

Amelia with Uncle Chris, Krystal, and Kandace.
Made Amelia's day to have her family there.

Daddygrand and Sydney. 
Sydney hasn't felt well. She pretty much sat in someone's lap the entire evening.
We'll be taking her to the doctor first thing in the morning.

Sweet Kandace!

Amelia Joy

Amelia's class.

New Creation Dance Company

Taking it all in...

Amelia made a video to sell tickets for the fundraiser and she ended up winning!
She sold the most tickets and won a prize.

She adores her teachers, Ms. Sarah Jo and Ms. Kayla.
They are two of the sweetest young women.
You can really tell they love what they do and love the children they're teaching.

Amelia and Ms. Greta. 
Ms. Greta started New Creation Dance Company.
We're so thankful she did!

Amelia and Kandace

Me and my girl.

Amelia with her Daddygrand, Nana, Apey, Daddy and Sydney

Amelia and Mika. 
I love they get to do this together.

We were proud of our little ballerina. 
She has a lot of fun going to dance each week. 
And it's always fun to go to her performances to see what she has learned.

It was a fun evening with family/friends, good food, silent auction, and games for the kiddos.
We were all worn out!

Amelia even put herself to bed when we arrived home.
Sweet girl.

Love to all,

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