Monday, November 18, 2013

Sydney Makes Pancakes...

We had a wonderful morning.  We stayed at home which is always nice.  The girls played really well together - there was very little arguing.  There was breakfast at the table together.  There was coffee.  There was Christmas music on in the background.  There was lots of laughter.  There was 2 hour nap time.  It wouldn't hurt my feelings if tomorrow was a repeat of today.

Both of my babies are getting back to their normal sleep patterns.  Time change threw them off.  My girls need a lot of sleep - they've always been that way.  They were waking up 2 hours earlier than normal which resulted in two cranky girls as soon as they opened their eyes.  Sydney is feeling better and not only sleeping through the night but napping again.  Praise!

Sydney woke up first this morning.  She has started taking her clothes and diaper off before calling me over the monitor.  I'm looking into the pajamas that zip in the back.  Thankfully, I got to her before the diaper came off this morning.  We wash/change sheets a lot around here.

Sydney wanted pancakes for breakfast.  She loves the frozen mini pancakes that are so convenient but not the best for her.  I have tried every organic pre-made pancake and she will not eat them.  I can't blame her - they taste awful.  I refuse to make my girls eat something that tastes gross - just because it's better for them.

So the only solution is to make/freeze our own pancakes.  She ate four pancakes and lots of blueberries.  Obviously, she loved them, by the look on her face in this picture.  She really did love them though.  She just doesn't love pictures.

We'll see how they taste tomorrow when we heat a batch in the microwave.  I let Sydney help me make the pancake batter.  This is the first time she has helped me in the kitchen.  It made her so happy.  She had a huge grin on her face.  I could tell she felt so big and that made me happy.  It also makes me happy to see my girls eating/love something I make for them!  Amelia can be very picky.  She won't eat any type of sandwich - including PB&J.  She tried a grilled cheese (last week) for the first time in 3 years and actually liked it.  I didn't know my heart could feel such happiness over a sandwich.  This is why the girl still drinks whole milk - she needs the calories!  Maybe one day, she'll eat pancakes too.

Amelia has suddenly wanted to learn how to write the alphabet.  She can write her first name but keeps asking that we teach her to write all of her letters.  I'm sure she heard someone talking about this and has decided she needs to do the same.  Or she saw it on TV…thanks Sprout Channel.  I promised we would go get some "school supplies" tomorrow and I would teach her.  It's crazy to think Kindergarten isn't that far away.  I can't even imagine her sitting down and reading a book or writing something other than her name!  My girl is growing up - it's sad and fun all at the same time.

Love to all,


Lauren and Eddie said...

I could have written this entire post by myself. Will takes off his clothes very, VERY quietly almost every morning. Our latest solution is to put a t-shirt over a zippered pair of jammies or a onesie under. So far he hasn't figured that out. I am also so SICK of pre-made yucky bad-for-us breakfast food but I am a HORRIBLE person in the morning. I'm the one standing and staring at the coffee maker until my coffee is brewed. I don't want to talk or make anyone breakfast. Maybe I'll try to make and freeze my own as well!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Re the PJs: I've had more than one friend cut off the feet of footie PJs and just turn them around and put their kids in them backwards to prevent the PJ removal.

Let us know how the homemade frozen pancakes go!

Hugs friend.

Anthony Yovino said...

Little Keeper Sleeper! does the trick, kids cannot get out!