Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life Lately...

Alex brings a little gift home each time he's away on business.
He brought Amelia a big box of new puzzles.
This was her first 150 piece puzzle.  Daddy helped her with this one.
She calls him her "puzzle buddy."

We've had a sick baby with double ear infection.

She's on the mend now that we've started ear drops and antibiotics.
Amelia never experienced ear infections with tubes.
I'm hoping this isn't a sign of what's to come this winter.

We had a really cold evening last week which = a nice fire.
Amelia slept in front of the fireplace on an air mattress.
She was just a little excited.

I took the girls to the mall for lunch after Bible study last week.
Amelia kept saying, "this is such a special day, we came to the mall, ate pretzel bites, talked to Santa, received cow hats, this is such a special day!"

We weren't planning on seeing Santa but we walked past and he was waving and we decided to stop and talk and before we knew it, we were getting our picture made! 
Sydney wasn't a fan at all. 
Afterwards, Amelia whispered "but Mama, Santa is make-believe."
I told her we didn't have to tell him that.
She always has lots of questions after seeing someone dressed as Santa. 

We checked out the new Bass Pro Shop that opened nearby. 
Our nephew is over the Waterfowl Department.  We said hello to him and then made our way through the crowd of 15,000 people.  I'm not even kidding.  
We're insane for going on opening night but it was fun!

It's a neat store.  The girls had fun and we'll go back when it's not so crowded!

Amelia wrote a letter to her friend, Santa.

This was what she told me to write.

We kicked off the Holiday season with Holiday House 2013.
This is one of my favorite traditions that I do with my girls and sister.
I took Amelia for the first time when she was 3 weeks old. 
It's work taking the girls at this age but I still love it and always want them to remember going with me.
I was happy that my Mama, Aunt Sandi, Krystal and Kandace came with us this year!

My friend, Niki arrived at the same time so we all shopped together.
So much fun!  Love these girls.

Sydney and Nathaniel. 
She thinks he's one of her babies because she's older/bigger than him.
Nathaniel is one of our faves - he's adorable and has the cutest personality.

A few people asked if Amelia and Kandace were twins. 
They are the exact same size - even though Amelia is a year younger!
Love that my girls have so many cousins that are also their best friends.

Miss Amelia.

We spent our Saturday hanging out at the house. 
I sat in the garage and watched the girls do lots of this.
Sydney couldn't stop herself but would get on that scooter and take off.
She really needed to be wearing the helmet!

Amelia had a birthday party to attend on Saturday evening.
It was a Princess Sophia party.

She went as Snow White.

Enjoying some icing.

Granny with the girls before church this morning. 
It was 80 degrees today.
We pulled out the short-sleeved/sleeveless dresses.

Sydney with Daddy before church.

Alex took this picture of the girls after bath time tonight. 
Enjoying some Veggie Tales.
I love how Sydney is snuggling her bunny.

I love this time of year.
I'm really looking forward to the holidays. 
We have our first Thanksgiving meal with church family this week.
Can't wait for some turkey and dressing!

Love to all,


Momx6 said...

Always love your posts. Always makes me smile. Love you all.

Faith said...

Sounds like y'all have been having fun! (minus Sydney being sick) Amelia with Santa cracks me up, because I'm pretty sure that's how I was at her age. =)

I love that you are continuing fun traditions and making new memories with your girls. I'm so excited to do the same this Christmas season!

Love you all!!