Saturday, November 23, 2013

Life Lately...

Today is my sister, Joy's birthday!  My girls love their Aunt Joy so much.  The last time she left our home, Sydney attached herself to Joy's leg and cried.  Sydney calls her Mama much of the time. HAHA!  She does so much to help us and loves my girls like her own.  We hope you have a wonderful day, sis!!

I made a chocolate pie on Wednesday evening.  It was for our Thanksgiving meal with our church.  It's a cold chocolate pie, so I needed to make it a day early.

It's my sister, Joy's recipe.  So I knew it would be good if I made it correctly.  Everything she makes is good.  It was worth  that 30-40 minutes of stirring over the stove.  Alex said it's the best chocolate pie he has ever eaten!  I love cold chocolate pie with whipped cream.  YUM!  

I woke up incredibly sick on Thursday morning.  I thought it was vertigo but my doc said I had a bad sinus infection and was dehydrated.  Good thing I had this little gal taking care of me. I started feeling better, once I got some medicine in me and started drinking a ton of water!

I love the Thanksgiving meal with our church family.  The meal was amazing.  We have two more Thanksgiving meals next week.  One on Wednesday with my family and one with Alex's family on Thursday.  We've been talking to Amelia about giving thanks and I love hearing the things she's thankful for.  I'm going to video my girls every year, sharing what they're thankful for.  I think age four is a great time to start because she can understand what we're talking about and express herself so well.  I think it will be a sweet treasure to look back on when my babies are all grown-up, with their own families.  

I took Alex out for his birthday last night.  My brother, Chris and his girlfriend, Krystal offered to watch the girls for us!   Sydney wanted to go home with Uncle Chris.  She wasn't happy when they said goodbye.  Needless to say, she loved having them babysit.

She cried, "NO GO!!" HAHA!  I love this baby.

We went to Bonefish and Bass Pro.  A dream date for this man. :)

Alex and Sydney slept until almost 11 a.m. this morning.  Amelia and I got up around 9.  I turned on the Christmas music, read my Bible study and she did a little coloring.  She can now color within the lines…such a big girl!

I made my people a pancake/scrambled egg breakfast to start this day off right!  Daddy and Amelia were working on a puzzle so Sydney joined Mama in the kitchen.  Such a good helper!

Full bellies = happy people.  Happy people = happy Mama.

And I have to share this.  Alex and I were looking through pictures this morning and he said, "remember that time we both were stung by a bee and stayed swollen for eight years." HAHAHA!  This is the weight loss that has happened for us both within a year.  I didn't even realize the difference until seeing these pictures.  Crazy!  Thankful though…we both feel so much better!

The only plans we have for the weekend is to go to Sam's Club and buy Christmas lights.  And I can't tell you how much that excites us.  We love a weekend with ZERO plans!!  We're officially old.  Old and happy.

Love to all,


Anonymous said...

How did y'all lose so much weight. Any special diet? You both look great.

Liz in GA

Alex and Jill said...


Alex cut out all sugar, eats a lot of fish (especially salmon) chicken…not a lot of red meat at all. He lost 40 lbs just doing that. I started losing after my hysterectomy. I needed hormones and once they were able to get those where I felt normal again, the weight started coming off. I haven't started exercising - though I should. I haven't cut out sugar or anything like that but I don't eat near as much as I used to. I also eat lots of fish, chicken and not as much red meat. Alex has worked a lot harder than me and his came off faster. :)