Thursday, July 22, 2010

All About Amelia - 9 months old!

Amelia, you're 9 months old!!

We won't know your stats, until your next doctor's appointment.

You're wearing size 3 diapers.

You're wearing size 9-12 month clothing.

Lately, you're fighting sleep. You will literally fight and cry while we're rocking you to sleep. You eventually exhaust yourself and give in. I'm not sure what happened to my little baby that would put herself to sleep, but she needs to come back. ;) Over the last week, you've also started crying out in the night. I think I've been putting you down for your afternoon nap a little late in the afternoon. We changed things up yesterday and you ended up sleeping over 12 hours last night. YAY!!!

Sometimes I go in to check on you and find you sleeping in the most uncomfortable positions!

All in all, you're still a wonderful sleeper and take two 1-2+ hour naps a day.

You're taking 8-10 ounces of formula, four times a day. You eat baby food at lunch and dinner.

I gave you the little Gerber Puffs that melt in your mouth. Though you do a great job at picking them up with your fingers and getting them to your mouth, you didn't care for them at all. I think the texture of things is going to bother you (a lot like your Daddy in that way). You don't like the texture of peas, rice or oatmeal cereal either. As soon as it hits your tongue, you gag like you're going to throw up.

You have said, "Mama", "Mommy", "Baba" (bottle) & "Bye-Bye." Though you won't say them on command, you just surprise us with them when you feel like it.

You will wave when we say, "say hi" or "say bye-bye." You definitely know what that means now.

You have two bottom teeth!

Lately, you've started sitting in a side herkey position. You eventually realize that it's terribly uncomfortable and Mommy comes and saves you. :)

You can sit yourself up from a laying position.

You can pull yourself up to a standing position, so we have now lowered your crib.

You experienced your first "fall" from pulling yourself up. You've had a nice little bruise on your forehead for about a week!

You put yourself into a crawling position, but have yet to take off.

You can army crawl really fast...we have to keep our eyes on you!

You mimic Mommy and shake your head no-no. It's funny because you have little control over your head. Daddy says you look like a little bobble-head.

You pull everything out of the baby basket about a thousand times a day. I pick it up, you pull it out...I pick it up, you pull it out. :)

You love to pull the blanket over your face, until I come pull it off and say, "there you are!!" You will be completely still and a lot of times will only giggle under the blanket. (LOL) You have figured out how to go to the corner of the blanket and pull it over your face.

You have really started to notice Diesel. You will smile and talk to him through the glass.

I've started having to say, "no-no." You want to roll all over the place when I change your diaper (even if I give you something to play with while doing it), pull the mirror off the wall that's over your changing table, pull cords out of the wall. (LOL) I called your Granny to ask if it was too early to be saying no, because I couldn't believe it's starts this early. Let the games begin! HA!

You love to scratch things with your fingernails. The wall, your diaper, the leather furniture, me.

You've started realizing to look for the things that we take away from you. Before, you would just go about your business, but now, you know that it's gone and you want it back!

If there is something to prop your feet up on, your feet will be propped. (LOL) You do this a lot in your stroller.

Daddy says that you already have a hunger for God's Word. HAHA! In all seriousness, that's something we pray over you every single day.

Oh how we love and adore you, baby girl...let us count the many ways!!

Daddy & Mommy


Amber said...

I love it! I can't believe that picture with her head on her bumper in the uncomfortable! Okay...we're you a cheerleader? I've never heard the word herkey outside of it. lol! I imagine that there are lots of laughs in your house everyday! Amelia is getting so big!

kristin fulghum said...

oh my many funny things in there. she is too cute for words!

Joannah said...

Oh, gosh! Amelia is so cute, Jill. :)

Kristina said...

what a precious little dollbaby!

Jen said...

How cute is she! I love the cheerleader picture!!! Mika likes to have the blanket over her face too - she goes to sleep that way (that's why I use the crochet blankets with the big holes). Happy 9 month birthday Amoolia!

Sarah said...

Awwww happy 9 months to our little ones! Time is flying!!!

Ashley said...

She is seriously precious! I love her propping her feet up. Haha, just getting comfy! So cute!

Shazia said...

My little girl loves propping up her feet also! Happy 9 month birthday Amelia!

Faith said...

Oh, sweet girl! That herkey position is cracking me up. Future cheerleader?!? I just can't get over how big she's getting. Love that baby girl!!

Mel said...

She is so tremendously amazing. Happy 9 months!