Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

We've had the best day! We had a 4th of July brunch at church and it was SO GOOD!! Amelia insisted on wearing her hair in pigtails...

So I let her.

Amelia is used to a morning nap and we arrived at church around her usual nap time. We took some family pics and she was in a daze the entire time. (LOL)

This was as close to a smile as she would give us. Look at those sleepy eyes! :)

This morning, Alex recognized all of those that volunteer for things at our church. And to his surprise, after the brunch, they gave him this board full of letters of encouragement! They have no idea how much this means to him. He waited to read the letters when he was alone, because he knew he would get emotional. Alex is a bi-vocational pastor. Working a full-time job, pastoring a church, and being a husband and father is a full plate. I often wonder how he does it, but God is always faithful to provide the time to study and prepare, spend time with me & Amelia, work a full-time job...and sleep! :)

Alex took tomorrow off (YAY!!!), so we're now at the lake! Ready to have some fun in the sun! Or the shade. Either way, we have a day away and it's so nice.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your family.

Love to all,


Jen said...

Enjoy the lake.... We sure did this weekend! Loved the pigtails! :)

Charnè said...

Wow i had no idea your hubby was not a full time pastor, wow! he really does have a busy schedule and lots on his plate! he must make u soooo proud


PS as usual Ameila is beautifuL!

Faith said...

Those are some cute little piggy tails - hahaha! So glad y'all are enjoying some time together this weekend. And, I know Alex must have been so touched by those words of encouragement and appreciation. I'm so thankful that y'all received that.

Lots of love!