Sunday, July 25, 2010

Anniversary Weekend in Dallas...

Alex was all over Texas last week on business. We had plans of celebrating our anniversary over the weekend and since he wouldn't have been home until Friday evening, we found it easier for me to meet him in Dallas to celebrate. So on Friday afternoon, I took Amelia to Aunt Joy's house and jumped on a plane to Dallas! This was the first time that we've both been away from Amelia. I have to say that my sister knew how to keep me from calling every hour. She would text me updates regularly on what Amelia was doing. Ya know, important stuff like napping, eating, playing. :) I only called her once and that was when I landed in Dallas. Otherwise, it was a phone-free weekend!

We had the best time. We vowed to make more time for just the two of us. It's so easy to get caught up in work, Amelia's schedule, church responsibilities, etc. I think in order for us to do any of those things well, we need to "reconnect" with one another on a regular basis.

I will warn you that the pictures taken were all taken with my phone. They are terrible quality, but I didn't want to carry around my huge camera all weekend. I didn't take any pictures Friday evening. I was just so excited to have some time alone with my husband!!

I asked some blogger friends for some restaurant recommendations and I have to say, every single place was EXCELLENT.

We made reservations HERE on Friday evening.

From the appetizer to the dessert, it was by far one of the best meals I've ever eaten. We chose the Beef Croustades, III Forks Salad, and Filet Mignon which is served w/duchess potatoes, sugar snap peas, off-the-cob cream corn and ripe tomatoes and spring onions. I was told the cream corn was to die for. It certainly was. We ended the meal with fresh blueberries topped with a chocolate mousse. They even served it to us with a sparkler on top, since we were celebrating our anniversary. :) This entire meal spoke my love language. We give III Forks, four thumbs up!!

I had plans of sleeping in on Saturday morning, but I guess I'm so used to getting up with Amelia, I woke up at 8:00AM, bright-eyed and ready to go! Our hotel had a Starbucks, so Alex grabbed us some lattes while I was getting ready. Our first stop was the Galleria. It had been quite some time, since I had been to the Galleria. I had forgotten how LARGE and spread out it was. I found it a little overwhelming. We walked around for a bit and then decided to eat lunch. We had a couple of people tell us to try the Grand Lux Cafe, so we did. It was yummy!

Their portion sizes were GINORMOUS. I ate half of one of these chicken breasts and had to leave the rest. It was definitely big enough to split with one or four people.

While at the Galleria, Alex wanted to check out The Westin Hotel. He's thinking we might stay there next time. Have you ever stayed there?

After leaving the Galleria, we headed to Alex's heaven on earth. Heaven help. I sat and people-watched, while Alex drooled over rods & reels. :)

Then we stopped at Orange Cup and had the best yogurt I've ever tasted in my life. Alex looked at me (with a very serious look on his face) after the first bite and said, "they've been telling us that TCBY is yogurt...I think they're lying." I laughed so hard. Orange rocked my world.

After cooling off at Orange Cup, we headed to NorthPark to do a little more shopping. I enjoyed this mall. It was large, but everything wasn't terribly spread out.

And let it be known....I *heart* Kate Spade. It has been forever, since I've walked through one of her stores. From the clothing, shoes,'s all fabulous. I've already started making my birthday/Christmas wish list!

To end the day, my sweetie took me to get a longer chain for my Mother's Day necklace and then we were off to the airport!

Once back at the airport, we couldn't wait to get back to Amelia. I had only been away from her for less than two days, but Alex had been away for an entire week! We needed to squeeze our baby girl! My sister and her fam took such good care of her. Thank you Gerry & Joy, for loving Amelia like she's your own. We didn't worry about her for one second and without you guys, we wouldn't have been able to enjoy this wonderful weekend!!



Jenna said...

I think we should take a trip together or something. Seriously, I heart Kate Spade, Tiffany's, 3 Forks and Grand Lux.

And we stay at the westin at the galleria every time we go to dallas! It's great!

Betsy said...

That sound like so much fun, Jill! Every couple needs a little getaway from the kids every now and then. And everything you did is right up my alley! Good food and fun shopping?? Yes, please!

amy said...

FUN! Happy Anniversary! If it wasn't your anniversary, and I'd a known you were in Dallas, I would have made you come see ME!! :)

Ashley said...

Your weekend looks like it was wonderful! I love all of the places you ate-yum! Happy Anniversary!

elainaann said...

This post makes me smile. I'm so glad you and Alex were able to get away and join time with one another.

You know...Aunt E is more than willing to help make that happen whenever you need her to. :)

Megan said...

Happy anniversary! Sounds like you had a FABULOUS weekend! What a good little getaway!

beebee said...

Happy Anniversary and so glad that you were able to take some time away for yourselves!! The places you ate were good, and I can't wait for you to come back to Dallas so I can take you to one or two of the more off the beaten path kind of places. So glad it was a good one!!!!!

Kelly said...

What an awesome anniversary!!! Alex did GOOD! I'm glad ya'll had such a great weekend!

The Lynchs said...

Looks like you had a blast! Getaways are always fun!

Happy anniversary!!!

3LittleByrds said...

So glad you enjoyed your anniversary. We just moved from Fla. to the Dallas area and it's a great place with tons to see and do and EAT. :) My husband has stayed at the Westin tons for business recently before we moved here 3 weeks ago and he loves it.

Faith said...

What a fun weekend!! I loved all the pics. I'm so glad you were able to get away and I hope that you were spoiled rotten =)

We LOVE Westin hotels! I've never been to Dallas, but I'm sure it's fabulous.

Hope you have a great week, girl!!

Lauren said...

Awww, so glad you were able to have a weekend to yourselves!!!!! :) So fun!!!

Ashley said...

Getting away is imperative! Amazing what a day or two will do to rejuvenate you! I'm glad you have family to help with Amelia!

Happy anniversary! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend!

Mel said...

That Westin was recently remodeled. I've never stayed at the hotel, but attended MANY work conferences in their ballrooms and post remodel they were just stunning! I can only imagine the rooms to be as nice. :) Plus? Proximity to shopping! Galleria is great, but NP Mall totally has my heart. That Tiffany store is HEAVEN! :)

Glad you loved III Forks, too. That corn... ugh... been dreaming about it since we talked about it. :) I am pushing for that to be our anniversary dinner this year, too, now!

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary (late) I hope that it was a great one!!!