Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Friday...

We had the best day! Even though it was snowing/sleeting - Alex doesn't mind driving in that stuff so we decided to get out of the house.

I had Amelia all bundled up and then Alex said he wanted the truck to warm up a little more - so I decided to take some pics of her. She was watching her Daddy through the window.

She eventually got tired of being in the house and kept going to the door to go out - so I decided to take her out to see the snow.

I love her hands in these little mittens.

She was watching her Daddy put her car seat in the truck.

Dancing in the snow. I am so in love with this little girl.

Our first stop was Mimi's. We were starving. And I needed a mocha latte.

I had the Huevos Con Tortilla. You build your own breakfast tacos. Mmmmm.

Me & my girl.

Getting ready to head back out in the snow!

While Alex got a haircut - Amelia and I went to Target. We needed a fireplace screen and they were all on sale! I found one for less than $30. Now I won't be nervous that Amelia will hurt herself every time we build a fire.

Our girl was tired. Every time we would get back in the truck - she would go to sleep.

Once we got home - we changed into our pjs, Alex built a fire, and we've been completely lazy. We had leftover pizza for dinner - which I loved because I didn't have to cook! :)

It was a fun day as a family of three. I'm so happy Alex took the day off!

Did you have a snow day too??

Love to all,


Rathi said...

A's jacket is too cute and so are the mittens!! Glad ya'll had a great snow day!

beebee said...

What a great snow day!!! I LOVE, LOVE Amelia's coat!

Also, wanted to throw in my two cents on sippy cups. As you said, none are leak proof, but the best I've found are the Playtex sippies ( And the trick is to not fill them full but only about 2/3 full and they seem to do better. Of all the cups I tried, these are the best although not perfect. Let me know if you find something better!

Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure she gets cuter with every picture you post! It is amazing how much they change every day. Glad you had a great snow day!

Lissa said...

No snow here. Your daughter looks so darling! What a nice day you enjoyed together!

becca said...

I need to get a fire screen... I tend to just not build fires when there is a little one, but David is always wanting one. Maybe we'll venture out to Target later. David went out this morning for donuts... he said it was a lot worse than he thought. Interstate frozen.

Mindy said...

LOve the picture beside the window. Beautiful!

Courtney said...

OH my goodness. She is just a doll. I love her little jacket. She just seems like such a good baby. I love reading about all of your adventures. What a fun day!

andreajennine said...

LOVE the picture of A by the blinds!

Faith said...

Y'all are too, too cute! And, A in that coat, hat and mittens is almost more than I can take. She is SUCH a doll!!

Y'all be careful!

Lauren said...

Oh my word, she is too precious in that hat and coat!!!!!!!!!! :)