Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A painting for Amelia's room...

I decided to take Amelia to her pediatrician's office today. She has been getting worse vs. better since going to the after hours clinic on Saturday. I asked the after hours clinic to run a strep test. I felt like that's what Amelia had because she had it once before and her symptoms were the same. The nurse struggled to get the swab to the back of Amelia's throat but said she got what she needed.

The test came back negative.

They told us she had an upper respiratory infection. My Mom had been here for a few days over Valentine's Day and was sweet enough to babysit Amelia. Amelia started feeling yucky on Valentine's night. Mom started feeling yucky after she got back home and finally went to the doctor yesterday. Guess what?

She has strep.

I knew immediately that Amelia had given it to her. My Mom has never had strep in her life. So I decided to be THAT MOM and take her to the doctor and ask for another strep test.

It came back positive.

My poor baby has been dealing with this sore throat/fever/runny nose/congestion/upset stomach/etc for a week now. I feel so bad for her. She refused all food this morning. I'm sure it just hurt too much to swallow. I'm just wondering where in the world do you catch strep?? Amelia goes to church nursery and no one there had it. She and I go out very little...we're home most of the time. She has been sick so much and I feel like I should be doing something to prevent it. I just don't know what to do. I wash my hands like a crazy's one of my only OCD qualities. Should I be rubbing her down with hand sanitizer on an hourly basis? Kidding. I'm just ready for her to be well for longer than a month. Are your kiddos sick this much during the winter??

On a happy note - LOOK what I received a picture of today. I am so excited to hang this in Amelia's room. I've been following Kim's blog since before we started fertility treatments. I'm adding this picture of me and Kim in Atlanta because I think she's so darn cute. Look at me hunching over, trying to look normal up against her tiny-self.

I've always been a huge fan of her work and knew that when I had a baby - I needed a piece of her artwork. She stopped taking orders quite a while back because she had so many to fill. I've been watching the countdown (like a stalker) to see when she would get to me! When it came time to decide what I wanted - I totally left it up to Kim. Since I've stalked her website for years and haven't seen one thing that I haven't loved - I trusted her completely. She did not let me down! I sent her pictures to give her the feel of Amelia's room and also swatches of the bedding material. I've always wanted Amelia's room to be colorful and fun and this painting will go perfectly over the crib. I still have one wall in Amelia's room that has nothing on it. I know what I'm going to do - I just haven't done it yet. Like every other room in my home - it's a work in progress. Never really complete. So if you want to see a few pictures of what IS finished in Amelia's room and see the AWESOME painting that will go above the crib - go HERE!! And then place your own order with Kim!!

Oh, and nevermind the squished up bedding in Amelia's crib. It used to be all nice and neat and you could actually see the pretty bedskirt and then she grew and started standing on it and sleeping on it like a pillow. I'm hoping no one will even notice the bedding once I get the painting up there!

Love to all,


Jen said...

When I saw the sneaky peek I just knew that painting was for Amelia! I love it!

I am so hoping Amelia will start feeling better now. The right meds and some more rest and hopefully she will be back to her normal self asap. Sometimes you just have to be THAT MOM, I know I go there sometimes. :)


Immeasurably More Mama said...

I hate that she's been so sick. Lord, bring healing to this home! The painting is so pretty and it's perfect for Amelia's room. I love that you have an Amelia Bedelia book displayed. :)

Amanda said...

I love the painting!! I love looking at her artwork. She does such a great job. I am so excited to see a pic of it in Amelia's room.

And, regarding Strep, Ryan has had it 3 times this season!!! Last time I took him to the doc, I got the "fever virus" diagnosis because flu and strep were negative. I just knew they were wrong but he got over it quick. Crossing my fingers we're done with it!!! Hope she and your Momma feel better soon.

Lauren said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! She is so talented!!!

Trina said...

It's precious!!! I absolutely love everything about Amelia's room :) I hope she gets over that steep ASAP and your mom too.

Mel said...

You poor thing and that poor baby! We haven't been hit as hard as you guys, for sure, but we definitely had more sickness this winter than the year before it. I think often times kids carry germs even if they don't necessarily have the active virus. So maybe one of the kids at church was just carrying the strep virus... or maybe she just happened to touch something that had come in contact with it. You're definitely doing your part to keep a healthy girl, I think sickness is just a very unfortunate part of life. I sure hope all this drama now makes for an easier time later? One can hope?

I love the picture. Wow. Can you please come decorate my empty nursery? You have such great taste! I'm not creative enough!


Amy said...

Oh Jill - I am IN LOVE with that painting! I am also happy to hear that you were THAT MOM and got your baby the treatment she needed! How old was Amelia in the picture that is in her room? I am looking forward to the time my babies are ready for a photo shoot like that :)

Amy said...

Thank you for answering my question! I have another one for you :) What did you use for the "A" on the wall behind the chair in Amelia's nursery? Is it painted in a slightly different shade of blue? Or is it a clear gloss coating? Thank you!!!

Emily said...

I love that painting! What a special touch for her room. I love that it's not too "babyish" so she can use it for years to come.

I also have to say that I adore her room. It's so fun and vibrant without being crazy. Would you ever consider doing a post on the details that went into it - where did you get the bedding, what paint, that awesome "A"! etc? I know that I would love to know if I have a daughter some day!

Thanks for the scripture encouragement that you often include in your posts. I've been following your blog for awhile now and always leave feeling challenged, but uplifted. The verse on A's 16 mo post was no exception! So, thanks!

Faith said...

I just hate that y'all are so sick. Praying for quick healing!

I am in love with the painting - it's absolutely perfect for her room!

Love you!

annalee said...

hoping all are feeling better so soon!
the painting completes her room beautifully.
i love every single corner and detail of sweet girl's nursery. well done momma!