Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's February...

I can't believe it's no longer January! I sprinkled a few things around the house today for Valentine's Day.

I tried a new recipe last night called Honey Lemon Pork Chops. They were delicious! Alex said he would want me to make them again, so I have another item to add to our menu. We had them with these little potatoes and collard greens. I always make extra to send with Alex the next day for lunch which also helps the budget! I found the recipe HERE if you would like to try them.

Amelia loved the pork chops too - which is rare. She usually only eats chicken!

Alex worked late last night, so Amelia and I had our usual date of dinner while watching Wheel of Fortune. She loves to clap for the contestants.

Amelia woke up at 2:00am and slept very little until 9am. We hung out in the guest room so Alex could get some sleep. She's teething, bless her heart. I feel so bad for her. She had two teeth break through during the night and another break through today...her gums are still swollen and she has knots where others are trying to come in. She may have a mouth full of teeth by the end of the week. I gave her a popsicle this afternoon in hopes to make her gums feel better. We also have the little teethers in the freezer for her to chew on. Nap time was 45 mins vs. 2 hours. She woke up crying and chewing on her finger. I gave her some Tylenol before bedtime. Not sure what else to do. Any tips? I'm praying she feels better & sleeps well tonight.

We had roast for dinner tonight. I browned it on all sides before putting it in the oven. My sister Joy told me to do this. I can't remember why, but I do whatever she says in the kitchen. I've talked her into starting her own blog to share recipes, cleaning tips, etc. She's always teaching me something new in the kitchen, a new recipe, or how to get a stain out of Amelia's shirt...important stuff! As soon as she has her blog up and running - I'll let you know. You'll definitely want to read!!

And I'll end this post by saying - these Little Debbie valentine snacks cakes are going to be the death of me. Heaven help.

Love to all,


Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

I hope she gets to feeling better very soon! I haven't had one of those valentine Debbie cakes in ages! Those were always my favorite at our Valentine parties in school!

-Many Smiles!

beebee said...

Poor baby! I can't believe she's cutting all those teeth at the same time. Yuck! I hope she feels better soon.

Rathi said...

K is teething too and she is still awake,lol.. only good thing is that she sleeps in.. Love the snack cakes as well!

Faith said...

I'm so glad that you talked Joy into starting her blog. I can't wait to read!

I love me some Wheel of Fortune and I love that A likes to watch. So cute!

And, now I must have some of those Little Debbie's. I forgot how much I love those!

Jen said...

Tylenol is the best for teething. And anything cold they can hold in their mouths.... poor baby. Those mean teeth need to come in already!

Love your Valentine's touches. :)

andreajennine said...

The Wheel of Fortune clapping? So cute! Sorry for the teething nightmare. Brandt's cutting a couple right now, but nothing like your poor girlie. And I love your holiday decorating; I'm trying to get better about seasonal decor, and you inspire me!

Charon Benton said...

We used something called "Hurricain" when my boys were teething. You can get it from your dentist. All it takes is a SMALL SMALL dab. It will numb your finger before you can get it to her mouth! It's about $10 for a small jar, but SO WORTH IT!

Lauren said...

Love me some Wheel of Fortune, girl after my own heart, haha!!! Poor thing, hope she starts feeling better with all that teething going on :(

Shannon said...

The similarities between W and A are so funny! Westin loves Wheel of Fortune. We watch it pretty much every night. :)

Your V-day decor looks cute! I put some out about a week ago but I already put it up. I'm crazy!

I'm going to look at that pork chop receipe because it looks good! I sure hope Joy starts a blog because I need some receipes!! :)

Todd and Courtney said...

oh I have so many comments on this one!! We watch Wheel of Fortune every night at 7. Loooove it. Thanks for the pork recipe. I need new ones and hardly buy pork but love it. I remember reading about browning roast on each side too. I forget why :)

Mel said...

Those pork chops look DELICIOUS. I have long given up on pork, mine always dries out SO BADLY. I also brown my roast before I put it in.. I believe it seals in the flavor and juices? I season mine with montreal steak seasoning, it is DIVINE (we had this last night for dinner!).

Try Motrin instead of Tylenol for teething. I find it works better for pain. The multiple teeth thing is HARD, but I prefer it happening that way because it's less drama really. I think L did the same around the same age and those 2 days were just awful. She wouldn't let me down and CRIED nonstop. You'll love the foods you can add in when she has more teeth, though. We are eating real apple slices, raw veggies, etc, here now and it is so nice.

I LOVE the snack cakes. Sadly, I am on my 3rd box since they put them out. Isn't that embarassing?! I am such a pregnant lady, and I don't really care. They are SO GOOD!

Amber said...

Poor Amelia! I can't imagine what teething must feel like. We do the same thing - give Drake a little Tylenol before bed. I've heard of some people using teething necklaces. I think they are made of Amber? (ironic, I know)

Can't wait to hear about Joy's blog. I need some new ideas for meals.