Friday, February 4, 2011


I asked several people which cups they recommend that are truly spill-proof. Pretty much everyone said there is no such thing. I've started buying some of the ones recommended and so far - this is Amelia's favorite. She thinks she's so big to have a cup with a straw. She's not allowed to drink out of this one unless she's in her high chair or sitting on the red rug.

That's our deal.
She sticks to it.
We're both happy girls. :)

We hosted homegroup last night. This is what I made for dinner.

I mean called in for dinner.

The spicy veggie was my favorite.

Joy came over yesterday morning. She brought a pan of brownies so I shared them with my homegroup. They were so good. We had vanilla ice cream too. If you're making anything other than Ghirardelli brownies - just stop.

Alex has the day off today. If you could see my face while typing that sentence...I'm beaming!! A day off is precious to us. They are few and far between. I'm going to enjoy the day/weekend with my family of three. I think we'll have brunch at Mimi's and then run some errands together. Oh, and it just started snowing at our house! It's so pretty. Amelia is still asleep but we'll take her out to see it when she wakes up. :)

Love to all,


Amber said...

I was just reading a post on babycenter about cups! Drake hasn't figured out the straw yet, but we like the Take & Toss cups, too. It's pretty impressive how well the lids stay on.

Enjoy your day with Alex & Amelia!!

amy said...

I started using the Ghirardelli brownies after you recommended them in another post. Our home group loved them so much that they've started to request them....I almost felt guilty admiting it was just a box!!!

Jenna said...

Oh the cup dilemma. The best ones I've found are from Munchkin :

I've got both types - the one with the straw and the one with just the regular spout. I've probably tried 5 or 6 brands of sippys!

becca said...

I've tried every kind of cup there is. I can give you the +/- about every one of them! OVERALL though, the playtex ones are the best if you want something to last. They are the only ones that can take a beating, literally... or by being left in a hot van full of milk and being found only after the contents turned black. The playtex ones come clean. I have some very old playtex sippies that still work like new.
I love the take and toss. I try to keep some in my car.

Mandy Peterson said...

I went through every sippy cup I could find and struggled to find one that didn't leak. I finally found the Playtex insulated cups like these:

They also come with straws and as tumbler cups (although I haven't tried those). The only time they leak is if the rubber stopper isn't in all of the way on the inside of the lid. Otherwise, they're great for us!

Mel said...

Ghirardelli double chocolate brownies are the absolute best thing EVER. LOVE!