Friday, July 20, 2012

16 years together...

Today we celebrate 16 years of marriage. 

Thank you for being my best friend.

Thank you for being an awesome provider.

Thank you for showing our girls what a Godly man looks/acts like.

Thank you for always opening the door for me.

Thank you for changing dirty diapers.

Thank you for being patient with me.

Thank you for telling me I'm beautiful every day.

Thank you for knowing when to just listen.

Thank you for finding ways to make me feel special.

Thank you for always letting me have the last bite of dessert.

Thank you for choosing what's right over what's popular.

Thank you for loving me so well.

I'm proud to be your wife.

I can't imagine doing this thing called life with anyone else but you.

It has been a wonderful 16 years.

Looking forward to another 16 right by your side.

 I love you with all my heart. <3


Shannon said...

Awe! So sweet. Happy anniversary!! I think I said it last year too, but y'all do not look old enough to have been married 16 years! :) Love those pictures!

Lauren said...

So wonderful!!!!! Happy anniversary, sweet friend!!!!! :)

Momx6 said...

Thank you, Alex, for loving my daughter and being a godly husband and father! We love you too.

Lacy said...

Happy Anniversary to you two.

Brigitte said...

Happy anniversary! What a beautiful post. Enjoy many, many more happy years!

twondra said...

Congrats!! Happy anniversary!!