Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July!

Amelia helped me put out our flags on Monday. 
She thought it was pretty cool.

We went out today and took a few pictures.
My Mama gave her this sweet little dress with cherries on it. 
It's one of our faves to wear this summer.
Her favorite thing about it - it has pockets. :)

We had a pool party at Uncle Bob's & Aunt Fecia's house.
We made a few treats to take with us!

Amelia helped me make homemade vanilla ice cream.

Girl loves to use a whisk and pour in the ingredients.
She did a great job and the ice cream was very tasty.
We'll share the recipe on the blog soon!

We took a blueberry/watermelon/cheese plate
Homemade ice cream
And hamburger cupcakes

Sydney was pretty excited about her first trip to the pool!

Amelia swam with floaties all by herself.

This was a big deal! 
We're hoping she'll be swimming on her own by next summer.

Sydney went in the pool for this picture and that was about it.
The water was a little too cold for her liking.

She spent most of her time inside enjoying the a/c.
Just a snoozin'...

And playing with her feet while watching Bubble Guppies.

Amelia had the best time with all (but two) of her cousins!

She loved playing with Victoria and Jack on their new trampoline.

And sitting poolside eating blueberries.

It really was a fun 4th!

I'm so thankful to live in this wonderful country.

And even more thankful for those who served and continue to serve to fight for our freedom.

Happy 4th everyone!!

Love to all,

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Whitney said...

Looks like you had a great time!! Your girls are too cute! Hopefully Sydney and AK can meet soon