Friday, July 6, 2012

Ice Cream Recipe...

One of the things on our summer to-do list was make homemade ice cream.

What better time than for the 4th of July!??

My family has made this ice cream for years.

It's called Allison's Ice Cream.

I have no clue who Allison is but girl knows how to make ice cream.

Here are the 7 star ingredients!

These are the types of recipes that are perfect for little hands.

Amelia loved helping me.

Just pour all of your ingredients in a bowl.

Then whisk away!!

After whisking it really well...pour the liquid into your ice cream container.

Take a moment to appreciate it.

Place your ice cream paddle in the center.

Secure the top.

Place the container in your ice cream maker.

Cover in ice.

Go ahead and take a few pieces of ice to snack on.

And then cover with ice cream salt.

If you'd like...try tasting the ice cream salt.

Despite your Mama telling you it's gross.

And then promptly spit it out on your Mama's counter top.

Plug in your ice cream maker and continue adding ice/salt as it melts. 

You'll have delicious homemade vanilla ice cream in less than an hour!


Love to all,


Momx6 said...

Allison is Mrs. Myrt's daughter-in-law - and I got the recipe from her because she brought to all our ice cream events at church. LOL!

Ashley said...

I really hope this works with an electric ice cream maker because I am trying it tonight. HA! Thanks for the recipe!