Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our weekend...

This post really covers our Thursday-Sunday!

Shelby came over on Thursday afternoon to play with Amelia.  She made her a friendship bracelet. Amelia thought that was pretty cool. :)  After Shelby goes home, Amelia will say, "I sure miss my friend, Shelby" for the next two days.  It's so sweet.

We ate out way too much last week.  I was busy finishing up things for a baby shower I was throwing for my sweet friend, Niki, so I didn't really feel like cooking.  Alex was good to me and just took us out to eat.  We let Amelia pick the restaurant on Thursday evening.  She used to always pick Cracker Barrel but lately she wants to go to Big Orange every time.  They have the best burgers and homemade potato chips.  They use local ingredients which I love.  I had the Farmer's Burger.  It had a fried egg and a huge slice of heirloom tomato...YUM!  Amelia and I shared a strawberry shake after dinner - I'm fairly certain she drank more of it than me!  I'm also fairly certain I won't be losing this post-baby weight if I continue to eat burgers with fried eggs. Worth it?  Right now I'm gonna say....yes! :)

We celebrated my nephew's birthday on Friday evening.  Pryce is now 14 years old.  So hard to believe.  My nephews and nieces are growing up so fast. I remember changing their diapers like it was yesterday!  My sis and I start crying just about every time we start talking about it.  There are days that I really wish my girls would stay little forever.

I hosted a baby shower on Saturday morning for my friend, Niki.  She's expecting sweet Nathaniel in September.  On my Mama's birthday, actually!  It has been forever since I've thrown a shower for a baby boy. It was fun!  I'll have more pictures/details/recipes from the shower to post this week.  I had to borrow my friend, Hillary's camera since I still haven't bought a new charger for my camera.  I must do that this week!

Alex took his girls to Bravo on Saturday evening!  This is our new favorite.  We went there on our date night and saw it was a kid friendly place, so we were comfortable taking the girls this time.  Amelia ate SO WELL.  One thing I've learned about having a toddler...they eat when they're hungry.  I try not to worry on the days that all she will eat is applesauce, yogurt, and cheese.  She enjoyed some fried ravioli and then ate a lot of her pasta. 

Her favorite is spaghetti noodles with butter.  She won't eat red sauce or alfredo.  We were impressed/surprised that she has now learned to feed herself spaghetti!  She would twirl the noodles on her fork and they actually made it to her mouth!  She also wanted to keep her napkin in her lap the entire meal.  She's growing up.

I've noticed that people really watch when we take the girls into certain restaurants.  The tables without kiddos almost cringe sometimes when they see us being seated beside them with a toddler and baby.  I always want to tell them, "no worries...they'll behave!" (LOL)  Amelia has started sitting in a regular chair at some restaurants since she's too big for some of the high chairs out there.  She has done so well with staying in her seat.  She sat in her seat the entire meal at Bravo, so we let her sit in our laps when dessert came.

Speaking of dessert.  We had the Ghirardelli chocolate cake.  It had a layer of ganache, whipped cream, and also chocolate whipped cream.  AMAZING.  I would have licked the plate but thought it might draw attention to our table.

We headed home after dinner.  We ended up sitting in the garage watching Polar Express in the car!  Amelia didn't want to get out - she was glued.  We've been watching lots of Christmas movies lately.  Christmas in July!! :)

We went to church this morning and I'm proud to say - we were on time!  A little early actually.  Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of this two kiddos thing. Or maybe I should wait and see how next Sunday goes before I claim that. :)  We took a long nap after was SO NICE.

We've been playing games this evening.  I may or may not have yelled "IN YOUR FACE" when I made a match during a game of memory with my toddler.  Alex looked at me like I was insane.  I felt that was a good time to step away and let Daddy play. (LOL)

I'm so happy that tomorrow is Monday.  Our lazy/pajama day.  My laundry room looks like an explosion of towels/clothes went off. I know how I'll be spending my Monday!

Love to all,


Jenna said...

Hey Hey Jill! I love this post so much! All the pictures make me so happy. Love y'all!

twondra said...

Love seeing the pics of your family! Sooo beautiful!!