Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sydney's 1st Birthday Party...

I wanted to post some pictures of Sydney's first birthday party!

I had Sydney's pictures taken in the same dress and shoes that Amelia wore on her first birthday. 

I had it dry cleaned after the pictures so it would be ready for her party. 

We started out dressing her in her birthday cake dress 
and never changed her into the party dress. (HA!)
Such is life.  

I love having pictures of both of them in this dress. 

We'll save it and maybe their baby girls will wear it someday too!

This was the invite for the party.  
Designed by the oh so talented, Natty Michelle.
She's my favorite.

We had to plan an indoor party since it was March and so cool outside.  

Our families are so big, it doesn't take long to fill our home.  

We had family, church family, and one friend over. 

It was a packed house!

And wouldn't ya know it, it was a beautiful, WARM day. 

I totally could have planned an outdoor party!

Sydney was still asleep when guests started to arrive.

It took her a bit to wake up and ready to party but she was happy to see everyone. 

My friend, Ashley took Sydney's birthday pictures and pictures of the party.  

Thank you, Ashley!

We decided on a Winnie the Pooh party. 

Sydney loves her Pooh Bear movies!

But I didn't want over the top Pooh Bear. 

I had Winnie the Pooh quotes sitting around the party.

I worked with Sweet Birdie's Nest and they created the sweetest printables.

I had Sydney's monthly pictures hung above the sweets table.

My sister, Joy made these yummy cupcakes. 

They turned out so cute.

They were vanilla and chocolate with buttercream icing - topped with a sugar bee.

Ed's made the beehive and 1 cookies.

We also had teddy grahams, gummy bears, bit-o-honey and honeybee lollipops.

At the drink station we had honey bears that you could fill with "Nectar."

I loved this punch.  My Mama found it on Pinterest and it was so easy and good.  

The only thing I changed was using ginger ale instead of sprite.

I ordered honey cream soda online and they didn't ship it.

So this is actually IBC cream soda with a cute label.

I cannot tell a lie.

I decided early on that I didn't want to be up early fixing food for 50-60 guests.

And when you have a party at noon, you need to feed people. 

So we decided on Zaza's Pizza for lunch.

They brought a mobile wood oven to our home 
and cooked our pizza right outside for us!

They made six different kinds of pizza and all of them were delicious.

They also served us yummy salad!

For dessert we had cupcakes and Zaza's homemade gelato. 

We had a trampoline and a couple of inflatables outside for the kiddos to jump.

I also had some coloring sheets for those that wanted to color.

We had a few favors for everyone to take home!

Everyone took home a Pooh Bear book and a bag of candy.

And Pooh Bear ears

We had little bears filled with honey labeled 
"a little yummy for your tummy"
for the adults.

I loved the smile on Sydney's face when we brought out her cake. 

She lit up when everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" to her.

It was the perfect day for our sweet girl.

She loved her cake.

And playing with friends.

She was worn out by the end of the party.

But Daddy still took her out for a little jump time. 
In her diaper.
Because that's how we roll.

We love you so much, Sydney Faith!

Happy First Birthday!


Hillary said...

Her party was the cutest!!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

Love this since I had to miss it

Julee Turner said...

This was incredible! I loved every little detail and omg I am so jealous of Zazas for lunch! That is awesome!

David and Marci said...

That looks like the sweetest party!
I love all the little details!
That pic of your sweet girl on the fireplace mantel is so beautiful!
Would you mind sharing your house paint color? I always admire the warm neutral color in your photos, thanks!
Marci in TN

Jennifer said...

You are crazy good at birthday parties! I loved every detail!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Everything looked perfect!! And so cute and sweet! And sweet Sydney looked like she had the best birthday, so cute!

Sarah said...

Wow! The details and the food and the decorations...oh, my! How wonderful everything looked! You have such a gift for making special memories for family and shines through!

Lauren & Eddie said...

I LOVE that you do fantastic first birthday parties. And I love that you use Natty Michelle. One of her bffs is a college friend of mine and I'm considering having her make a few maps for us to hang in our living room. This party was precious.

Faith said...

Oh. My. Word. Absolutely amazing...everything! Of course, I knew it would be. You didn't miss a single detail and it looks like it was so much fun for everyone!

Pleeeeaaasssee help me plan the girls first birthday party!! You are the best!!