Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fun weekend!

Our weekends seem to always start out here. 
Amelia says Sam's and Target are her favorite stores. 
She kept asking if we could go to Sam's to buy Sadie a birthday gift. 
I kept trying to explain that Sam's doesn't have anything Sadie would want!
So she settled for Target.

I woke up early on Saturday and made a couple of things 
for the Rogers Family Reunion.

This tomato pie is one of my favorites.
Tomatoes, sweet onions, cheese...YUM!

Alex's Mom is a Rogers. 

Amelia checking out some of the family photos. 

Alex's Uncle and Aunt had so many fun things for the kiddos. 

Amelia rode this train most of the time!

She also rode a horse for the first time.

She was pretty proud of herself.

Sydney just sat on the horse. 
She wasn't up for a ride.

They had a place to go fishing. 

There were lots of fun things to do in the gymnasium.

Sydney has been sick so she was a little serious yesterday.

This picture cracks me up. 
They had a whole hog at the reunion. 
Amelia didn't know what to think about it.
She kept saying, "that's so gross." HA!

Amelia and I left the reunion a little early. 
We wanted to wish our friend, Sadie a Happy Birthday!

The party was so cute.
Hillary was beyond generous and gave the kiddos all sorts of goodies. 

Amelia loves a handbag and this one had her name on it.
She loves it.

This family was worn smooth out. 
Sydney was fighting a nap with everything in her.

We headed to pick up our raised garden beds after the reunion and party!

Amelia is beyond excited about this. 
She loves to water it. 
She has already spotted some strawberries.  
We're just hoping she lets them turn red before picking them! 

We're growing our own strawberries, cucumbers, squash and tomatoes.
I sure hope we can keep this garden alive!

We headed to the mall to pick up a few Mother's Day gifts 
after we watered our garden.

This was Sydney's first time to ride these little rides. 
She's at an age that when she sees Amelia doing something,
she wants out of the stroller to do it too!

We ended our Saturday with a nice, relaxing, cookie bath.
Amelia wanted to take a bath and eat cookies at the same time.
For some reason I said yes.
Alex said this was so gross. HA!
After she was finished eating her cookies, 
we rinsed out the tub and she took a real bath.

My girls before church this morning. 

We napped in our church clothes and then played in our church clothes!

What a fun weekend!

Love to all,


Momx6 said...

Fun - loved seeing it all!

Faith said...

That reunion was something else! Looks like lots of fun.

I'm cracking up over the cookie bath. So funny!

And, I'm so proud of y'all and your gardens! I would love to have one but I just think it's too much for us to take on right now. Hope you get lots of good stuff from it though!