Monday, April 8, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...

Ever since Alex put the trampoline together for the girls, 
Amelia has been asking if we could go out on the trampoline and look at the stars. 
It's always too cold or too late or we're too busy getting them ready for bed. 

I ran some errands tonight and both girls were in bed when I arrived home.  
It was 9PM but Amelia wasn't asleep.  
As soon as I walked into her room to say goodnight, 
I thought of the stars and the trampoline.  

So I scooped her up to go lay on the trampoline in her pajamas.  

The look on her face was priceless.  

I was pointing out the big dipper and the little dipper 
and that's when she claimed she saw a shooting star.  

She's sort of a one-upper.

She looked at me and said, 
"Mama, we have to make a wish, I wish for a train set!"  

She told me to make a wish and before I could utter a word, she said, 
"you should wish for a diamond!" 

So I did. 

This little girl is constantly teaching me things.

Like to take time to enjoy God's creation.

How often do I stop to look at the stars?


Until last night. 

She has taught me to not just tolerate the rain but to love it.  
To look at the rain as an opportunity to wear cute boots and use your umbrella!

She taught me to let go of the stuff that doesn't matter. 

Like spilling egg dye on the white table.

I love her big, tender heart.

I love our conversations about everything under the sun. 

The most simple of things brings her true joy. 

Amelia Joy, your name fits you well. 

What a blessing to be your Mama.

You bring me so much joy!

I love you, baby girl.


Lauren said...

SO precious!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO :)

Momx6 said...

This one made me cry!!! And I'm at work!!! LOL

elainaann said...

And now I'm crying. :) Love her! And you! Thank you for always sharing your heart openly. I'm soaking it all in and learning how to someday be a good Momma like you.

annalee said...

What a precious girl she is and great wisdom from a child.

Lauren & Eddie said...

My mama and I used to lay on the trampoline and watch meteor showers together. She'd set her alarm for whatever time they'd say it was supposed to start and wake me up. Those are some of my most precious memories!

Faith said...

She is such a joy and I learn so much from both of you. So, I thank you for sharing precious moments like these with us all =)